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Body cam ideas
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Razorrick 26-Aug-19
JohnMC 26-Aug-19
From: Razorrick
Anyone with any ideas about self filming your elk hunt. Tried Tactacam and go pro. Not impressed. Want something small and easy to activate. Lots of new small cameras on amazon but not sure if any would work and capture 40-50 yards out. Thanks

From: JohnMC
I used my cell phone to film a few turkey hunts. I use a Otterbox I think defended case. It come with holster with clip. I cut the plastic holster so that I can put it screen out and camera in cut out part. You can use the clip to attach to blind, yourself, or a limb. It also good for taking pictures after a kill. I like that on cell phone you can zoom before or after filming. It also cool to get a kill in slow motion and you can then change to normal speed if you prefer. But at the end of the day I prefer just killing something than trying to film.

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