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Warranty Gripe - Xpedition
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hooch08 26-Aug-19
RogBow 26-Aug-19
Brotsky 26-Aug-19
Bowfreak 26-Aug-19
Bou'bound 26-Aug-19
Trial153 26-Aug-19
fubar racin 26-Aug-19
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Overland 26-Aug-19
Boatman71 27-Aug-19
Boreal 27-Aug-19
APauls 27-Aug-19
Franklin 27-Aug-19
From: hooch08
Shooting my bow last night and look down to see one of the main strands of the cable is cut....this is due to friction induce by the cable guard. This is the second time I have had the issue. This first time they did not want to send me a new cable, until I mentioned, I thought it was a safety risk. They said this was not a common problem that they have heard from others....I can't see how, as the design causes friction between the cables and the aluminium cable guard (this is on the X7). When I called, they told me they have a new design that can be retrofitted (good), but they would have to go through a dealer (of which there are none near me) to "sell" it to me. I mentioned, I would not be "buying" anything, to which she said they would send it to me. I asked when I would get it, as I am leaving Friday morning for my hunt - they said I could pay to expedite it.........I get that the bow industry is competitive, etc, and I love shooting this bow (although a pain in the a$$ to tune), but this is the second time this happened, and they know it is a design flaw. Maybe I'm being petty here, but 5 days before I leave for a hunt, I have equipment failure due to a design flaw after i have tuned and shot every broadheadend arrow in my quiver out to 80 yrds, and I can't get parts before I go. Well I'm not, not going - guess I hunt with it as is......what would you do?

From: RogBow
Buy another bow immediately. Something with great tuning reviews that will shoot the same arrows you are shooting now. Move your accessories onto the new bow to keep costs down a bit.

From: Brotsky
I would have had my ATR replaced the first time it happened. It wasn't a design flaw as my X7 was flawless through thousands and thousands of shots with no cable wear. Some of the X's had bad coatings on the ATR initially, yours could have been one of those. The second cable I installed would have also been served through the ATR to prevent this from ever happening again. Loved my X7, she was a shooter and killed piles of critters. Sucks this happened to you right before a hunt. I'd just pay for the shipping and take care of the problem so my hunt wasn't ruined. Then next time I bought a bow I would look elsewhere.

From: Bowfreak
I understand being upset, but they are offering to ship you a retrofit and you think they should also expedite the shipping? I would be glad they are standing behind their product and take them up on the parts.

From: Bou'bound
Fix it and kill something and deal with the customer service issues later

From: Trial153
Pay to expedite it so you can get up and running, go on your hunt.

Then think on the issue and how they handled it. If at that point it wasnt satisfactory to you. Shit can them and move on. If it was ok, well then you up an running with the fix.

The truth of the matter is that there was enough problems with them to make changes. I have only worked on two or three and they all showed some level of wear on the cables. One needed a retro fit and the we where able to serve the cable and get by.

From: fubar racin
I’m kinda sad to read this, I just shot my first xpedition Saturday and it felt awesome! Now I second guess them as a company though....

Me personally, I believe they should indeed expedite the replacement to you. I think it shouldn’t even be a question. But, I believe companies should stand behind what they sell.

From: Overland
The right customer service move would have been to overnight you the part. Overnighting it would be minimal cost, would have made you a satisfied customer, and would have prevented a thread like this which will likely do far more damage than the cost of overnighting you the part. I'll not be looking at Xpedition bows when I make my next bow purchase.

From: Boatman71
I have a lot of experience with Xpedition bows. If you have minimal wear and you are just noticing it, go hunt with it. I will admit the design on the early models with the ATR was not bullet proof, for the most part Xpedition did stand behind the failures. I recently had the same issue arise on my Perfexion, since I was not the original owner of the bow, I had to hand my dealer $30 for a new ATR. I didn't really think it was right either, but I am NOT the original owner. Pretty much all bow companies have the same guidelines so it is what it is. Fortunately for me, Mike at Catfish Customs sent me a new Y cable at no cost even though I offered to pay him. The problem was the coating on the ATR not being hard enough. They since have the issue fixed, and the new owners of the company have a totally redesigned cable guide on the new bows so the issue is totally been resolved. I have seen a lot of other brands (even big name) with the same or similar issues with cable guides, Xpedition is not alone. I wouldn't let one sour grape spoil the whole batch, they are great bows, and their customer service will get better and better with time. I know this is not an excuse, but the new owners inherited the ATR issues from the old owners, I am assuming they are doing their best to work through them. Just my thoughts for what they are worth :-)

From: Boreal
Xpedition missed a golden opportunity to provide outstanding customer service. What would have expedited shipping cost? What will the negative tone of this conversation cost?

From: APauls
While expediting the part would surely be going above and beyond and made the thread title very different, i don't feel like they're not pulling their weight. I'm curious as to what the increased ship cost is.

I think about each half of the equation. Are they taking care of their end of the business? Yes, they are sending you a new part that fixes the issue, free of charge. You have a hunt planned on your end that unfortunately doesn't time well with what they are providing. To me, that's your half. Ford will do a recall, send and replace parts all at their cost, but they don't come to your driveway to do it for you, you still have to take the time out of your day and go in and waste time. I'm not saying they couldn't have done better, but IMO they are meeting expectations. Or they would meet my expectations. Personally if I was in your shoes I'd be happy to pay the expedited shipping if that's what I needed.

From: Franklin
For a company to sweat the cost of "expedited shipping" or even consider it a burden is almost comical. The first thing out of the women`s mouth should of been...."we have a retro part available and you will have it within 2 days guaranteed".

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