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From: Chasewild
I'm not the guy that has swapped gear every year just to try something new. I've shot my Elite E35 since 2014 and it is still shooting very well -- no real plans to shop. But I thought I'd pose the question: what is the one bow you all would buy that was made in the last decade if you couldn't buy another for the next 15 years?

From: Bou'bound
Hoyt RX-3

I can't find one with a long enough ATA these days......they lost me a few years back with the short bows. I need like ATA >38" or I'm not even interested.

From: cnelk
PSE Drive

From: PSUhoss
Bowtech Guardian

From: x-man
I'd like to put the Bowtech Reckoning cam system on a Hoyt RX-3 Ultra riser.

From: kota-man
I like X-man's way of thinking!

From: x-man
Send me the parts Corey, I'll make it work for you ;0)

From: Elkpacker1
What I have, blacktail recurve

I’m sure Hoyt will “invent” the Reckoning system eventually.

From: fubar racin
I’m also shooting a 2014 E35 I like the prime ct3&ct5 but I’m not really sure that they are that much of an upgrade.

From: Buffalo1
Mathews ez7 or Elite Pure

From: Trial153
If I had to pick one it would be an Elite Spirit that I build to get 28.5 /70. I swapped the limbs and customized the cable and string lengths to get it where I wanted it. A close second would be a PSE Evoke.

The Evolve cam is the best cam ever produced.

From: spike78
Bowtech if you want to eat some splinters ;)

From: svrelk

svrelk's embedded Photo
svrelk's embedded Photo
Still have my guardian set up as a back up, but still rolling with my 12 CPXL ..

I update the paint annually and have a new bow for about $10.00.

From: badbull
PSE Madness 34 for its ajustability and I have or have owned Allen, Jennings,Mathews,Hoyt,Diamond,Bowtech,Darton, Mission, and recurves.

Hoyt Pro Defiant with DFX Cam...Or the BowTech Realm!

From: Boreal
I would've said PSE X-Force GX until I bought a new Evoke 35.

BowTech guardian

I still haven't purchased anything since my Bowtech Guardian.

From: Bowbaker
Dale Dye, Trails End recurve with medicine point riser.

From: Bloodtrail
Nah. This is 2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. Has done nothing but shoot darts. Lightweight and fast. Great ATA too. 30” draw and a touch over 70lbs cranked all the way down.

From: milnrick
The Prime ION I'm currently shooting or possibly the Alpine Silverado I gave away years ago.

From: bowhunter24
Switchback xt

From: GF
Well, I’ve had my Howatt Hunter for 27 years now... it still shoots like new.

But I guess I’d have to say a Larry Hatfield Savannah in about #55 at my DL.... since given your timetable I’ll be pretty near Geezerhood by then....

From: Scoot
I liked the guardian. However I loved the commander (longer version of the guardian) . Wish I hadn't gotten rid of it.

From: JW
PSE Evoke 35

From: svrelk
I need to edit my backup is actually a commander... At 6'5" I like long ATA

From: Russell
Two Bowtech Invasion CPX bows (2012 & 2013).

I'll take my Realm or SS and be good to fo for several years. Can't stand changing bows, but these two are very comfortable. My #3 would be my 2006 Allegiance.

From: Treeline
Mine favorite is a little over 10 now. She hasn’t let me down since I finished her up and went out and shot a Buffalo with her.

Light, sweet, quiet, fast and hits where I look.

Still have all the lams and riser wood to make another but just haven’t taken the time! I’d just need to buy some smooth-on epoxy and could glue her up a sister. Might be cool to do bocote on the next one...

Do have a couple of pieces of osage that need finished first...

From: Hawkarcher
I went to the Pope and Young in Omaha in April and the guy at the Hoyt booth stifled a laugh when I said I’m still shooting a Trykon. I get it but it still puts deer down. Would love a new carbon whatever but isn’t a necessity.


MichaelArnette's embedded Photo
MichaelArnette's embedded Photo
TallTines recurve

I have shot my Bob Lee since 1997, refinished it 4 years ago still shoots amazing. I really like my 2013 PSR Omen Max Pro. Shoots incredibly fast and hard. See no reason to stop shooting it.

From: Bowboy
Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. I still have one.

From: Grey Ghost
I'm still carrying my Matthews Drenalin. Don't see any reason to change.


Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34, and a Black Tail recurve

From: BC173
I’ll go old school, as far a compounds go. Mathews Q2XL. I own three, and have limbs from 60 to 80 lbs. I absolutely hate the new shorter ata bows.

From: Shawn
Going back even farther Mathews Ultra Max. Killed more deer with it than any bow I ever owned! Shawn

From: 12yards
I'd take my Elite Synergy. Wish it were just a touch lighter though. But I'd take my left shoulder from 10 years ago over anything.

My favorite bow is my trusty old Hoyt just flat out works!

From: elvspec
Hoyt CRX32. Switched last year to a Vertix and kicking myself.

From: Chasewild
Quite a variety -- great responses. Quite a few PSE and Bowtech shooters here -- I wasn't expecting that. Far less prime shooters than I thought there would be.

From: Boatman71
Xpedition X-Ring VII no frills, bulletproof and FAST

From: Drop Tine
Well I just went from a Bowtech Destroyer 350 to the Bowtech Realm.

But out of all the bows I have shot over the years the Martin Cougar Mag. still stands out as a great all around bow.

From: Bowbender
Mathews LX for me.

From: coelker
Switch Back XT

Mathews DXT

From: Heritage
Switchback XT.

From: oldgoat
Toelke Whip but I'd get a 2 piece this time.

From: Mule Power

From: badguybuster
I already own it. My Obsession Def Con M7

From: Kurt
I shoot a couple of Prime Rivals...they work well for me at 35"A-A, 29" draw & 65#s. Not planning to change any time soon.

From: Dino
Carbon Defiant 34

From: r-man
Hoyt , Heat , Or FlashPoint

From: GF
I think Treeline won this one. Home made goodness beats store-bought any day! LOL

I did own a Commander. My only Compound since my Martin Lynx E-cam, which I loaned to a buddy in ‘90 and haven’t seen since. Great shooter, that BowTech, but.... Too damn heavy to hunt with. Felt like a boat anchor and didn’t carry for slop. I’d rather tote my Lyman GPR. And between 20 and 40 UNMARKED/UNMEASURED yards, I’m more accurate with a Stickbow anyway...

Absolutely the Bowtech Realm X, and for a close second it would be the Alphamax 35 with Z-3 cams.

From: sundowner
Agree with Straight Arrow on ATA. Bows are too short. Elite Victory is the best bow I've owned lately.

From: elmer@laptop
I don't want to buy any of the new bows. I am a finger shooter and the bows are so short they suck for finger shooters!

From: WYelkhunter
i have owned many bows in the last 10 years.. I would have to say Bowtech BT-mag or realmX hard decision.

From: Medicinemann
Mathews Custom Safari. Elite GT500 is a close second.

From: DanaC
Morrison 21" heavy riser with Max5 limbs ;-)

From: stagetek

stagetek's embedded Photo
stagetek's embedded Photo
I'll stay with my Bear T/D's.

From: Bill in MI
That’s a tough one perhaps main McPherson solo cam 60 pound 1997 or 1998, that was one smooth bow. My bowtech guardian I still miss. My CPXL is a close second to it though. Someone mentioned a 2005 allegiance that was a dandy too. I’d say I’d give the nod to the guardian. I wish I hadn’t sold it chasing speed....

From: carcus
I would take a RealmX, really like my experience as well

Elite Synergy just like 12Yards except I need a right shoulder.

From: wild1
Mathews Switchback XT

Bowtech Allegiance

Mathews Z7

I own two of these, and I've been hunting with the Z7 since it came out in 2010 - love that bow!!

From: bighorn

From: Nick Muche
Nitrum 34

From: Twinetickler
Elite Synergy for me as well, I can't shoot a bow better.

From: Ogoki
Although the original poster asked about bows in the last decade , mine is a Mathews Switchback . Bought in 2005 . Tried numerous bows since , but have not found one I like any better. Just took my 5th bear with it and lost track of number of deer ,along with a few rabbits. Also have a Switchback XT. Wife has a Switchback XT also.

Biggest thing with the Switchback was the big fat grip. I am a wood worker too ,so I made flat ,3/4 inch wide grips for these bows . Wow so much better to shoot.

From: BigOzzie
last bow I bought was 12 years ago and I would go right back to same bowyer. 60 inch silvertip take down recurve.


From: Ghost425
Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. Killed a ton of game with it, elk, mule deer, whitetail, Turkey, bear, and a mountain lion. No need to switch, it’s doing the trick just fine.

From: DeerMount
As far as compounds go I'm stillnshootimg my 09 Elite GT500. The bow I shoot the most is 74 Bear Kodiak Magnum

From: Chasewild
Thanks for all of the replies. Was successful again this year with my E35. No need to change it.

If anything, I'll be building some arrows for my 58# Gerber longbow. Pursuing the craft is more important at this point for me than pursuing the gear.

From: lewis
Elite Synergy had surgery on left shoulder Lewis

From: South Farm
Don't laugh, but would you believe a 1967 Kodiak Magnum? You young guys are probably wondering what that is! lol

From: kakiat kid
South Farm, I shoot the same bow...55#

From: yeager
I’m like you Cody, still shooting my 2014 Elite’s shooting great, so I see no reason to change.

From: Scar Finga
Among my favorites...

Hoyt Maxxis 35. A super smooth bow with good ATA and speed. (My backup bow)

Switchback XT


And now my new Traverse.

From: Bowbender8
13 yrs old. My Darton Tempest. Still will kill anything in the hemisphere. Yeah, I still have it. I may have a competitor in my Darton 3700. Bought it used from a former Darton rep. It is arguably the last 3700 made. Shoots very very well, but It will be a few years before I'll know if it can take the Tempest's place.

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