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From: Chasewild
I'm not the guy that has swapped gear every year just to try something new. I've shot my Elite E35 since 2014 and it is still shooting very well -- no real plans to shop. But I thought I'd pose the question: what is the one bow you all would buy that was made in the last decade if you couldn't buy another for the next 15 years?

From: Bou'bound
Hoyt RX-3

I can't find one with a long enough ATA these days......they lost me a few years back with the short bows. I need like ATA >38" or I'm not even interested.

From: cnelk
PSE Drive

From: PSUhoss
Bowtech Guardian

From: x-man
I'd like to put the Bowtech Reckoning cam system on a Hoyt RX-3 Ultra riser.

From: kota-man
I like X-man's way of thinking!

From: x-man
Send me the parts Corey, I'll make it work for you ;0)

From: Elkpacker1
What I have, blacktail recurve

I’m sure Hoyt will “invent” the Reckoning system eventually.

From: fubar racin
I’m also shooting a 2014 E35 I like the prime ct3&ct5 but I’m not really sure that they are that much of an upgrade.

From: Buffalo1
Mathews ez7 or Elite Pure

From: Trial153
If I had to pick one it would be an Elite Spirit that I build to get 28.5 /70. I swapped the limbs and customized the cable and string lengths to get it where I wanted it. A close second would be a PSE Evoke.

The Evolve cam is the best cam ever produced.

From: JTV
Bowtech Allegiance !! .... my 2006 Ally is STILL my main bow...and the back up is the 2004 Patriot single cam version .... the ALLY does have new Barnsdale limbs on it, and it is just as fast as some of these newer bows and always has been one heck of a smooth shooter.... between these two bows, I have killed dozens of critters and kicked the ass of many at local 3d shoots using them .... yea, I'd like a new Xpedition, but until I can afford to drop a grand + on a new bow, the Ally and Patriot does just fine ...

From: spike78
Bowtech if you want to eat some splinters ;)

From: svrelk

svrelk's embedded Photo
svrelk's embedded Photo
Still have my guardian set up as a back up, but still rolling with my 12 CPXL ..

I update the paint annually and have a new bow for about $10.00.

From: badbull
PSE Madness 34 for its ajustability and I have or have owned Allen, Jennings,Mathews,Hoyt,Diamond,Bowtech,Darton, Mission, and recurves.

Hoyt Pro Defiant with DFX Cam...Or the BowTech Realm!

From: Boreal
I would've said PSE X-Force GX until I bought a new Evoke 35.

BowTech guardian

I still haven't purchased anything since my Bowtech Guardian.

From: Bowbaker
Dale Dye, Trails End recurve with medicine point riser.

From: Bloodtrail
Nah. This is 2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. Has done nothing but shoot darts. Lightweight and fast. Great ATA too. 30” draw and a touch over 70lbs cranked all the way down.

From: milnrick
The Prime ION I'm currently shooting or possibly the Alpine Silverado I gave away years ago.

From: bowhunter24
Switchback xt

From: GF
Well, I’ve had my Howatt Hunter for 27 years now... it still shoots like new.

But I guess I’d have to say a Larry Hatfield Savannah in about #55 at my DL.... since given your timetable I’ll be pretty near Geezerhood by then....

From: Scoot
I liked the guardian. However I loved the commander (longer version of the guardian) . Wish I hadn't gotten rid of it.

From: JW
PSE Evoke 35

From: svrelk
I need to edit my backup is actually a commander... At 6'5" I like long ATA

From: Russell
Two Bowtech Invasion CPX bows (2012 & 2013).

I'll take my Realm or SS and be good to fo for several years. Can't stand changing bows, but these two are very comfortable. My #3 would be my 2006 Allegiance.

From: Treeline
Mine favorite is a little over 10 now. She hasn’t let me down since I finished her up and went out and shot a Buffalo with her.

Light, sweet, quiet, fast and hits where I look.

Still have all the lams and riser wood to make another but just haven’t taken the time! I’d just need to buy some smooth-on epoxy and could glue her up a sister. Might be cool to do bocote on the next one...

Do have a couple of pieces of osage that need finished first...

From: Hawkarcher
I went to the Pope and Young in Omaha in April and the guy at the Hoyt booth stifled a laugh when I said I’m still shooting a Trykon. I get it but it still puts deer down. Would love a new carbon whatever but isn’t a necessity.


MichaelArnette's embedded Photo
MichaelArnette's embedded Photo
TallTines recurve

I have shot my Bob Lee since 1997, refinished it 4 years ago still shoots amazing. I really like my 2013 PSR Omen Max Pro. Shoots incredibly fast and hard. See no reason to stop shooting it.

From: Bowboy
Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. I still have one.

From: Grey Ghost
I'm still carrying my Matthews Drenalin. Don't see any reason to change.


Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34, and a Black Tail recurve

From: BC173
I’ll go old school, as far a compounds go. Mathews Q2XL. I own three, and have limbs from 60 to 80 lbs. I absolutely hate the new shorter ata bows.

From: Shawn
Going back even farther Mathews Ultra Max. Killed more deer with it than any bow I ever owned! Shawn

From: 12yards
I'd take my Elite Synergy. Wish it were just a touch lighter though. But I'd take my left shoulder from 10 years ago over anything.

My favorite bow is my trusty old Hoyt just flat out works!

From: elvspec
Hoyt CRX32. Switched last year to a Vertix and kicking myself.

From: Chasewild
Quite a variety -- great responses. Quite a few PSE and Bowtech shooters here -- I wasn't expecting that. Far less prime shooters than I thought there would be.

From: Boatman71
Xpedition X-Ring VII no frills, bulletproof and FAST

From: Drop Tine
Well I just went from a Bowtech Destroyer 350 to the Bowtech Realm.

But out of all the bows I have shot over the years the Martin Cougar Mag. still stands out as a great all around bow.

From: Bowbender
Mathews LX for me.

From: coelker
Switch Back XT

Mathews DXT

From: Heritage
Switchback XT.

From: oldgoat
Toelke Whip but I'd get a 2 piece this time.

From: Mule Power

From: badguybuster
I already own it. My Obsession Def Con M7

From: Kurt
I shoot a couple of Prime Rivals...they work well for me at 35"A-A, 29" draw & 65#s. Not planning to change any time soon.

From: Dino
Carbon Defiant 34

From: r-man
Hoyt , Heat , Or FlashPoint

From: GF
I think Treeline won this one. Home made goodness beats store-bought any day! LOL

I did own a Commander. My only Compound since my Martin Lynx E-cam, which I loaned to a buddy in ‘90 and haven’t seen since. Great shooter, that BowTech, but.... Too damn heavy to hunt with. Felt like a boat anchor and didn’t carry for slop. I’d rather tote my Lyman GPR. And between 20 and 40 UNMARKED/UNMEASURED yards, I’m more accurate with a Stickbow anyway...

Absolutely the Bowtech Realm X, and for a close second it would be the Alphamax 35 with Z-3 cams.

From: sundowner
Agree with Straight Arrow on ATA. Bows are too short. Elite Victory is the best bow I've owned lately.

From: elmer@laptop
I don't want to buy any of the new bows. I am a finger shooter and the bows are so short they suck for finger shooters!

From: WYelkhunter
i have owned many bows in the last 10 years.. I would have to say Bowtech BT-mag or realmX hard decision.

From: Medicinemann
Mathews Custom Safari. Elite GT500 is a close second.

From: DanaC
Morrison 21" heavy riser with Max5 limbs ;-)

From: stagetek

stagetek's embedded Photo
stagetek's embedded Photo
I'll stay with my Bear T/D's.

From: Bill in MI
That’s a tough one perhaps main McPherson solo cam 60 pound 1997 or 1998, that was one smooth bow. My bowtech guardian I still miss. My CPXL is a close second to it though. Someone mentioned a 2005 allegiance that was a dandy too. I’d say I’d give the nod to the guardian. I wish I hadn’t sold it chasing speed....

From: carcus
I would take a RealmX, really like my experience as well

Elite Synergy just like 12Yards except I need a right shoulder.

From: wild1
Mathews Switchback XT

Bowtech Allegiance

Mathews Z7

I own two of these, and I've been hunting with the Z7 since it came out in 2010 - love that bow!!

From: bighorn

From: Nick Muche
Nitrum 34

From: Twinetickler
Elite Synergy for me as well, I can't shoot a bow better.

From: Ogoki
Although the original poster asked about bows in the last decade , mine is a Mathews Switchback . Bought in 2005 . Tried numerous bows since , but have not found one I like any better. Just took my 5th bear with it and lost track of number of deer ,along with a few rabbits. Also have a Switchback XT. Wife has a Switchback XT also.

Biggest thing with the Switchback was the big fat grip. I am a wood worker too ,so I made flat ,3/4 inch wide grips for these bows . Wow so much better to shoot.

From: BigOzzie
last bow I bought was 12 years ago and I would go right back to same bowyer. 60 inch silvertip take down recurve.


From: Ghost425
Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. Killed a ton of game with it, elk, mule deer, whitetail, Turkey, bear, and a mountain lion. No need to switch, it’s doing the trick just fine.

From: DeerMount
As far as compounds go I'm stillnshootimg my 09 Elite GT500. The bow I shoot the most is 74 Bear Kodiak Magnum

From: Chasewild
Thanks for all of the replies. Was successful again this year with my E35. No need to change it.

If anything, I'll be building some arrows for my 58# Gerber longbow. Pursuing the craft is more important at this point for me than pursuing the gear.

From: lewis
Elite Synergy had surgery on left shoulder Lewis

From: South Farm
Don't laugh, but would you believe a 1967 Kodiak Magnum? You young guys are probably wondering what that is! lol

From: kakiat kid
South Farm, I shoot the same bow...55#

From: yeager
I’m like you Cody, still shooting my 2014 Elite’s shooting great, so I see no reason to change.

From: Scar Finga
Among my favorites...

Hoyt Maxxis 35. A super smooth bow with good ATA and speed. (My backup bow)

Switchback XT


And now my new Traverse.

From: Bowbender8
13 yrs old. My Darton Tempest. Still will kill anything in the hemisphere. Yeah, I still have it. I may have a competitor in my Darton 3700. Bought it used from a former Darton rep. It is arguably the last 3700 made. Shoots very very well, but It will be a few years before I'll know if it can take the Tempest's place.

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