Summit Treestands
Game population down
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Ursman 27-Aug-19
Trial153 27-Aug-19
wytex 27-Aug-19
skull 27-Aug-19
From: Ursman
Hunting in 301. Antelope and mulie numbers way down from previous years. Anybody experiencing same? Butcher in Meeker said last winters snows left 3 feet of snow north of route 40.

From: Trial153
Last week I was told in person by two very reliable friends that area we where hunting in Co for lope that numbers were way down compared to what they were seeing last year on the same ranch. As time the reason there wasnt a consensus.. In any event I still see plenty of lopes and managed to luck out and kill a nice one.

From: wytex
Lots of pronghorn migrated north into Wyoming last winter over that way, maybe they stayed this year. Hope they bounce back!

From: skull
I’m planning a hunt in 3/301 for pronghorn Can someone confirm that this is the case...less animals than usual?

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