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bighorn 28-Aug-19
Bowboy 28-Aug-19
Dale06 28-Aug-19
RogBow 28-Aug-19
StickFlicker 28-Aug-19
'Ike' (Phone) 28-Aug-19
Bowfreak 29-Aug-19
Scar Finga 29-Aug-19
Bowfinatic 29-Aug-19
bigswivle 29-Aug-19
Bou'bound 29-Aug-19
ELKMAN 29-Aug-19
nmwapiti 29-Aug-19
Bloodtrail 29-Aug-19
Dino 29-Aug-19
bumpinblaze4x4 29-Aug-19
Ermine 29-Aug-19
StickFlicker 29-Aug-19
brantman 29-Aug-19
YZF-88 29-Aug-19
JTreeman 29-Aug-19
smarba 29-Aug-19
Gator 30-Aug-19
Matt 31-Aug-19
JustinMct5 31-Aug-19
JustinMct5 02-Sep-19
spikehorn 02-Sep-19
Dstall 02-Sep-19
From: bighorn
Carbon or aluminum and why? Besides price.

From: Bowboy
I have both. The carbon is nicer when its cold. The aluminum has a narrower grip which I like more consistent grip. You really can't go wrong with either IMO.

From: Dale06
No reason other than price. I don’t see any value in the carbon, so didn’t pay the extra for it. Hunting buddy has a carbon, not sure why.

From: RogBow
There is non existent 3rd axis torque on my aluminum Hoyt. A stiffer riser would mean nothing in this case. If you get a carbon bow, then add 2 pounds of stabilizer to it, what's the point? You don't want a super light bow in the wind either.

If there was any real advantage the target pro's would be using carbon risers.

From: StickFlicker
I love it when it's cold. I really liked how light my Matrix was. The RX-3 is noticeably heavier than the Matrix, which is disappointing.

Aluminum, just something I’ve always shot...Even in below temps in AK, it wasn’t a problem, because you’re going to have at least a thin glove layer to shoot with...Least I did!

From: Bowfreak
I like carbon.

From: Scar Finga
Both for me, I like them both! I would say it's probably not worth the money in all reality. I bought the carbon ones I have had used, so the price wasn't bad at all!

Both terrific. I actually preferred the helix aluminum this yr over carbon.

From: bigswivle
I’ve got the carbon defiant and by the time you add all the ornaments it’s just as heavy as any other bow. Shoots great though

From: Bou'bound
carbon. they cost more for a reason

I always preferred the aluminum myself. Just never could get super serious about any of the carbon bows after the Matrix. Just a gut feel thing. I've always just trusted aluminum. And now their carbon line is just as heavy as a lot of aluminums so really what's the point in spending the extra $6-700 dollars.

From: nmwapiti
Aluminum here, mostly due to price.

From: Bloodtrail
Carbon all day long. Stiffer, lighter, warmer. Every time I pick up an aluminum bow, all I feel is heaviness and cold. Brrrrrrrrrrr :)

From: Dino
Carbon, for the exact reasons Bloodtrail just mentioned...

If priced the same i'd take carbon all day long. I shot various carbon models over the last few years and picked up the hyperforce and helix in the last year and haven't looked back. Once i adjusted to the weight difference (which is negligible) i've found i really enjoy the aluminum better. The grip is the same excluding the 2019 models; the cold of the aluminum is noticeable but not an issue. I'm sure i'll pick up a carbon down the road BUT if price is considered i'd go aluminum every time now.

From: Ermine
I like carbon. Been shooting carbon for years. I like the feel of carbon.

From: StickFlicker
I live in a very hot area. When I travel to the north part of the state or some other cold climate, I suspect that the temperature difference in aluminum might very well affect the point of impact more so than carbon. It might not be a lot, but it's another feature worth at least mentioning in the discussion. I have also had a bow case destroyed by an airline and an aluminum bow damaged. I've had a carbon bow fall off a quad and get run over and it was fine.

From: brantman
I have both a helix and a rx3ultra. both have their plus. rx3 for the weight for sure

From: YZF-88
aluminum. the weight savings is minimal at best and the manufacturing process is not consistent on the carbon risers (research the sight shims required for the RX3's and finish work).

From: JTreeman
I’ve been a carbon guy on my last 4 Hoyts. Mainly because of my vanity if we are being honest...


From: smarba
When I saw the Matrix torture test being run over by a truck...that sold me on carbon. The vast majority of us have switched to carbon arrows over aluminum...why? Same reasons I shoot a carbon bow.

But the new prices are getting out of control. I bought my Matrix used and it's still going strong...

From: Gator
Current bow is my first carbon, sorry I waited so long.

From: Matt
I prefer the feel of a carbon riser.

From: JustinMct5
It’s a Hoyt sell that piece of junk

From: JustinMct5
It’s a Hoyt they both suck! Sell them

From: spikehorn
Carbon. Don't miss cold days holding the aluminum.

From: Dstall
Shoot em don’t Hoyt em. Least it’s better then Mathews

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