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Favorite moose recipe
Contributors to this thread:
So467 29-Aug-19
Rob in VT 29-Aug-19
APauls 29-Aug-19
altitude sick 30-Aug-19
Kevin Dill 30-Aug-19
Cliffhanger 31-Aug-19
From: So467
As the title states what is your favorite recipe for moose? Marinades etc

From: Rob in VT
My wife cooks it in a crockpot with potatoes, carrots, and onions like a pot roast. It’s delicious!

From: APauls
Steak. Oil, spice, sit 30 minutes, BBQ.


altitude sick's embedded Photo
altitude sick's embedded Photo
Tenderloins Cooked over wet soggy AK brush with salt and pepper.

Killing the moose is the easy part.

The Hardest part is getting a fire started.

From: Kevin Dill

We cut our tenderloin steaks about 1-1/4" thick. Lightly oil moose tenderloin filets with canola or olive oil. Rub with 'Raising The Steaks' steak rub. Grill inside a Kamado Joe or Green Egg. Use real lump charcoal and not the foo-foo briquets. I like to add a 3 or 4 ounce solid chunk of mesquite or oak to the fire for some spicy smoke. Grill them at 500 degrees (at least) until 120-123 inside (use an instant-read probe Thermopen), then remove and let sit about 2 -3 minutes. My wife recommends a healthy glass of tannat or shiraz...but a cabernet or red zin will suffice.


Cliffhanger 's embedded Photo
Cliffhanger 's embedded Photo
Moose tenderloin w/McCormick Black pepper and Garlic seasonings, baker potato sour cream on the river.

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