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Anyone missing opening weekend?
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standswittaknife 29-Aug-19
thedude 29-Aug-19
HUNT MAN 29-Aug-19
Treeline 29-Aug-19
nmwapiti 29-Aug-19
Ucsdryder 29-Aug-19
Brotsky 29-Aug-19
Irishman 30-Aug-19
Billyvanness 30-Aug-19
jstephens61 30-Aug-19
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oake 30-Aug-19
PECO 30-Aug-19
kadbow 30-Aug-19
Ucsdryder 30-Aug-19
svrelk 30-Aug-19
Lark Bunting 30-Aug-19
Surfbow 30-Aug-19
Stick & String 30-Aug-19
Dale06 30-Aug-19
Ucsdryder 30-Aug-19
PoudreCanyon 30-Aug-19
elkmtngear 30-Aug-19
Scar Finga 31-Aug-19
WYelkhunter 31-Aug-19
goelk 31-Aug-19
Bowboy 31-Aug-19
Grey Ghost 31-Aug-19
huntnmuleys 31-Aug-19
Treeline 31-Aug-19
Tgun46 31-Aug-19
BullBuster 31-Aug-19
wkochevar 31-Aug-19
Stick & String 04-Sep-19
HH 04-Sep-19
Can’t go until next weekend and I live here.. but I’ll make up for it. Seven Peaks music festival.. I’d tather be hunting but one weekend with the kiddos and wife will be a blast.. best of luck out there..

From: thedude
I have missed 4 seasons out of the last 7 years. Missing a weekend isnt a big deal.

I’m going hunting but I’m not even taking my bow. Just trying to help the boys get one before I leave

From: Treeline
Hell, I’m in Lima, Peru!

Have been out of the state for the last 3 weeks and only home a couple of days.

Hell, I hope I can find my backpack and bow whenever I finally get home!

Work is for people who don’t hunt!!!!

From: nmwapiti
Yep. Sticking around a couple extra days to take care of some family stuff. Leaving Sunday, start hunting Monday just as a lot of folks are packing up. Have the whole WY season, so no big deal. Part of me hopes I won't kill one until I get to chase them around in the rut anyway.

From: Ucsdryder
Miss opening weekend?!! Hahahahaha.....Hahahahahaha.....hahahahaha

From: Brotsky
Yes, but not the 2nd or 3rd weekend :-)

From: Irishman
I always hunt opening weekend, but never take it too seriously. Yes, you can kill elk opening weekend, but then you miss out on all the fun when the elk rut really gets going. Also, even though I hunt opening weekend, for the last 10 years or so, it tends to be crowded.

Not hunting but damn there’s a bunch of dudes coming into town all fired up. Fun to see.

never have understood why anyone would miss opening day.

From: jstephens61
Taking the wife on a cruise for her birthday. We get back on the 14th, then head for Wyoming for the rest of September and all of October if needed. Seems like a fair trade.

From: cnelk
Ive hunted opening archery elk for 20 years. And only one time have I filled a tag opening day - in 2017.

But its a great warm up for when shit gets real a little later

From: oake
I'll be missing the opener.

But just like Brotsky, I'll make up for it during the 2nd and 3rd weekends.

Good luck to everyone !!

From: PECO
I got home Tuesday after 3 months with a backpack in Europe. It's hot, and I've got a lot of stuff to catch up on. I did not draw an elk tag, and did not even buy my OTC tag yet. I do have a deer tag. I'm missing opening weekend. Maybe a good thing because I usually go crazy on opening weekend and burn myself out. Oh, plus I'm retired and hunt local, so I have plenty of time to get out there.

From: kadbow
First time that I can remember I won’t be hunting this weekend. Good reason though. Headed to Alaska next week and didn’t want to cram in dealing with an elk before hand.

From: Ucsdryder
This isn’t your typical opening weekend from the previous 4 years. This is basically second weekend. I’ve killed bulls sept 1, sept 3, and sept 3 the last 3 years. All bugling...

From: svrelk
I'll be out, but no bow in my hands, just scouting until my cousins from PA arrive around the 22nd. Elk took a hit last winter here so they get a pass from me. Predators though, no quarter given.

From: Lark Bunting
My son and I are heading up for a couple nights but he's coming home early for work. We don't take early openers too seriously but the year I shot my bull we had four elk bugling around us and that was Sept 2nd. They were SCREAMING! I'll be taking Saturday a little more seriously this year. I would be thrilled with an opening day elk. I can have some fun helping everyone else out on their hunts throughout the rest of the season.

From: Surfbow
I'll be out for the muzzleloader opener in a couple weeks...


Stick & String's Link
I'll be out. Leaving in about an hour. I usually don't worry about opening weekend because I usually hunt later in the season when they get cranked up. Taking the bow of course but mainly treating this weekend as a scouting trip. Good luck to you all though!

From: Dale06
I haven’t hunted opening in many years. Too hot and too many bugs. I usually start late Oct for whitetails.

From: Ucsdryder
I might miss opening weekend due to traffic!! Holy effffff!!!!!!!

From: PoudreCanyon
I’ll be dove hunting 9/1-9/2. First elk hunt will be a day hunt on 9/3.

From: elkmtngear
Leaving 9/13 for NM.

Good luck to all on the opener!

I am. Getting gear ready for moose next weekend. Then elk the last two weeks of season.

From: Scar Finga
I won't be hunting until September 27th :(

From: WYelkhunter
I live here in WY and don't have the time to weekend hunt elk. I will be going up the 22nd for the week

From: goelk
Peru have any elk. Lol I'm in Blackhawk celebrating my youngest daughter 21st birthday. Never gone on opening day never. I've always go the last 2 weeks. Good luck everyone.

From: Bowboy
Don't get to excited about the opener for elk. I'll usually go the middle two weeks.

From: Grey Ghost
Miss opening day? Heck, then I wouldn’t have had the close encounter with 3 cows and a shooter bull that I had this morning. :-)


From: huntnmuleys
I will be missing opening morning, as I am going to be hunting mule deer near home.

From: Treeline
Hope to hear about some great opening weekend successes next week!

Go get em boy and girls!

Made it home late last night after three several weeks away. Will be catching up on the work around the house and getting gear lined out for later in the season.

Shoot straight!

From: Tgun46
First time missing opening weekend in a long time but going out Wednesday for a week. Good luck everyone

From: BullBuster
I’m missing it because it’s too darn hot in north Idaho.... AGAIN

From: wkochevar
Haying this weekend so I have the rest of the season available. Not many around right now anyway, that'll change soon!


Stick & String's Link
I take that back! I had questioned going out opening weekend because I hadn't had good experiences in the past. But last weekend was awesome and some of the best elk hunting I've ever had. The bulls were bugling and the cows were going nuts. We got into a herd of at least 50 cows and about a dozen small bulls. With such a big group of elk, we couldn't really get close but we followed them for a couple of miles. Then we managed to have a small 5x4 bull come by us and my buddy nailed it at 40 yards. Boy, I won't ever hesitate to go out opening weekend again!

From: HH
Not unless it in triple digits when i get back from Surfing.


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