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Knee Pads for Stalking
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From: pickaspot
Will be headed out in a few weeks. We plan on doing some spot and stalk. Was curious as to what knee pads people use. Comfort being the main factor I’d be interested in hearing about. Thanks in advance and good luck to all hunting!

From: PushCoArcher
I use military surplus knee pads. They are a bit bulky for storing in a pack but they offer great protection, have comfortable padding, and stay in place well while crawling or walking.

From: Whip
I've tried a few. The cheap ones were uncomfortable to the point I didn't wear them. The type with elastic that pull up around your leg felt ok at first but left the back of my knee sweaty. A quality set from a home improvement center were better. Then I discovered Sitka pants with built in knee pads. By far the best option out there. Yeah, Sitka is expensive, but I figure I've gotten my money's worth out of these. If you know someone handy with a sewing machine they could pretty easily add a set of knee pad pockets to your existing hunting pants. A three sided pocket with little Velcro strips on the top opening is all that you need. Put them on the inside and you'd never know they are there. Just take the pads out of the pockets for washing.

From: sitO

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I have a set similar to these(Tile laying pads) and I like that I can snap them on quickly and also lower them to my ankles when walking...especially if it's really hot. I painted mine but I don't think that's really necessary. I also have a couple pairs of Sitka pants with knee pads, but they're just too thin imo. If you can try some on before purchase that would be my suggestion.

Good luck!

From: Woods Walker
I actually have CAMO ones! I think I got them at the now extinct Gander Mountain. But like sit0 says, it's not necessary. Comfort is #1.

From: Mule Power

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Knee Pro for me. No fabric to shred. Well padded on the inside. Puncture proof so no worries about rocks or cactus. Flexes at the knee so it doesn’t keep working it’s way down. $32

From: StickFlicker
The problem with most all knee pads that I have found, with the exception of the cloth sports knee pads, is that they are just too noisy. All of the construction type ones that I have found just make too much noise on the stiff grass of an antelope prairie.

From: Lost Arra
volleyball or wrestling

From: Single bevel
Arcteryx. A little pricey but I love them. I bought them for tree saddle use but I've come to realize how useful they are during stalking or general travel to and from stands.

From: Tilzbow
Tactical knee pads and the ones I have are very similar to the Arcteryx. I’ve tried a bunch and they’re the only ones that worked well and didn’t slip while walking or moving around on knees during a stalk. They can be noisy but that could be helped with some stick on felt or mole skin type material. This material would likely have to be replaced after a few uses.

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