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So, my neighbors got home late last night. As I was going to run some errands I got talking to them and they asked did you see our truck?

Long story short, on their drive home last night they hit a moose on the highway at 65 mph. Luckily they were driving an older Ford expedition and it was a glancing blow. All turned out well, but it is a reminder to be on the lookout while on the road to where ever you are going.

From: Nick Muche
Saw moose all over the sides of the road between Black Rapids and Delta the other night. At least 20. Could have easily been a disaster. Glad no one was hurt!

In Maine they call them "Ditch Donkeys".

A friend's daughter hit one with her Toyota Carola. It fell on the passenger compartment, and crushed the rear part of the car. She walked away. Lucky Girl! TMBB

From: TrapperKayak
There have been a couple hit and killed in the Adirondacks this year - moose that is.


altitude sick's embedded Photo
altitude sick's embedded Photo

From: GF
That’s horrifying. They must’ve rear-ended the beast. And the impact was too high for the airbags to go off.

Makes me miss the days of adjustable headlights. I used to have one of mine aimed out at the ditch to the right. Helped me spot a LOT of Mulies ahead of time.

From: Timbrhuntr
My brother and sister in law live on a small hwy in NB and unfortunately get to witness that a lot as a main crossing is 50 yards from their driveway. They are hard to see at night when approaching from behind as they don't come with marker lights and seem to just absorbed the light ! Plus as in the photo you take out the legs and then land ontop of you very bad for sure. I was traveling a couple years ago and came around a bend and a big cow was just crossing the road missed her by about 2 feet just lucky scared the crap out of me !

From: fubar racin
I had a close call a few weeks back, just before sunup never saw the moose until it was feet away luckily it was on a dead run and our paths just crossed within inches of each other. Was driving my wife’s focus with the whole family in the car I don’t see how that could have ended well had we actually collided.

From: Kevin Dill

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We've seen many on the road while driving in Alaska. They are H-U-G-E when you're behind the wheel of a Kia....or any vehicle for that matter. A family of Japanese tourists slammed one on Chena Hot Springs Road a few years back and completely totaled the rental car. We saw it on the roadside and it was demolished. The family spent some time in the hospital after the wreck.

Here's one from the lower 48....

A couple years after I graduated from college a friend of mine hit a moose in her Audi at 65 mph. Hood went under the moose's belly, and the windshield roof and everything was torn off the car. Took multiple surgeries to put her face back together. Luckily she recovered with barely a scar.

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