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Slight rest movement
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RD in WI 03-Sep-19
From: RD in WI
Got the bow dialed in and finally screwed in a broadhead. Dead on at 20 and 30... 4-6 inches left at 40. Did this with 7 different fixed blade broadheads - PANIC mode set in. Watched a dozen or so YouTube videos which suggested a slight rest adjustment. Moved the rest a fraction (truly a minuscule amount) and, amazingly, broadheads are hitting the bullseye out to 60 yards, while still hitting the mark at 20 and 30. It is remarkable how such a slight adjustment to the rest can alter impact by 4 to 6 inches at 40 yards. By the by, the only mechanical I shot hit the bull at 40 without requiring a rest adjustment. Hope each of you has a fruitful season.

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