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Your States Buck vs Doe Kill
Whitetail Deer
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Just curious .....How many states have a higher overall buck kill over does/antlerless? If you would, just a yes or no, or you could even put the # of kills in , for example, in this state we killed X amount of bucks and X amount of does/anterless.

If you know or want to add, how many counties in your state killed more bucks than does that would be fine as well.

Just trying to get a good feel.....Here in WV , we killed more bucks than does 8 out of the last 10 years and last year every county (55) killed more bucks than does...Now to that, there are a handful of counties, 4-5, in WV that do not have a doe season and in WV a deer having antlers less than 3 inches is considered antlerless.

I appreciate the help on the info in advance,,,,,

From: JTV
Indiana.. not even close... higher antlerless kill, been that way for several years, at least for the last 5-6 yrs or so .. the DNR increased the antlerless/Doe quotas and the Doe/antlerless kill sky rocketed.. 2017 it was 50% antlerless/40% antlered (last deer summary posted) (2018 isnt out yet) .............. for the 2019/2020 season the DNR FINALLY dropped the anterless quotas a huge quantity ( antlerless bonus tags), 57 counties are down to a 2 antlerless Bonus, and the late Dec. gun 'kill all the Does' season has been dropped in those counties (for now) .... well hell yea, antlerless numbers are super super low and buck kills have dropped !! ..

From: StickFlicker
In Arizona we kill 100 bucks per zero does in every county in the state. It's never legal to kill a doe in Arizona (except VERY VERY limited youth hunts on occasion).

From: 12yards
Minnesota - Adult bucks - 94,592, Buck fawns - 15,520, Adult does - 66,185, Doe fawns - 12,411.

Total bucks - 110,112, Total does - 78,596

Total antlered - 94,592, Total antlerless - 94,116

From: Bow Crazy

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From: lv2bohunt
In Arkansas we kill about 47% buck and 46% doe about 97000 buck and 94000 doe the rest being button bucks. We have lots of deer and the AGFC does a good job managing them.

Bingo. So does the WV DNR

From: Shawn
Ours is about 50/50 but more bucks than does. It really depends on the area you hunt. Some places are over run with deer and we also should have a one buck limit statewide. Shawn

From: Mule Power
Last year in Pa 163,750 bucks and 203,409 does.

Both up about 10% from the previous year.

From: tonyo6302
Virginia, fall 2018;

. . ..

. . . .

99,239 Antlered Bucks

12, 342 Button Bucks

82,055 Does

Thanks everyone for the info...

From: DanaC
The question in my mind is, when does your gun season open? If the gun season is open during the peak of the rut you're going to take many more bucks. Late gun season opening, bucks are a bit more cautious.

From: Will
8200 to 5200 buck : doe, roughly, here in the bay state. Here archery runs early to mid October (pending part of the state) to the Saturday after Thanksgiving... shotgun is the first 2 weeks of December... ML goes to December 31.

DanaC- our gun season starts the week of Thanksgiving,,,so yes, some years it is in the rut.

From: elkmo
Missouri has rifle rut season, so its too many vs too many.

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