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For those of us that have scopes or binoculars by Swarovski, I wanted to share quickly, my recent experience with them.

I contacted them through the online registration to send my 8x30’s in for repair.

This pair is my favorite Bowhunting pair and they where given to me as a gift from the Mrs.

The left eye adjustment was broke, the right was in its way, they both where missing the rubber around the eye cup and both covers where gone.

Once I created the normal user and password scenario, I them revived a repair number.

Away they went via UPS.

About a week later, I received confirmation they where received and I would get an update after they where looked at.

Exactly one week later, they where repaired, free of charge. I had only paid to ship them to Swarovski.

To top it all off, they where shipped back to me, free of charge via Fed Ex and they’ve required signature.

Once received, I opened the box and they came back in brand new, like condition, no exaggeration at all.

Entirely reconditioned with both rubber eye cup covers replaced, new eye cup outer cover, the defective eye cup replaced, and new cleaning rag with a wipe.

These where originally purchased in 2010.

I’ve read a lot of customer service experiences here on Bowsite and I just wanted to share my experience for anyone who owns their product or might be considering to purchase one of their products.


From: Spiral Horn
Had a similar experience with a Z5 riflescope that I’d seriously abused (rough field use). It began shifting zero about a month before an upcoming hunt. So, I contacted Swarovski and they said they’d be able to get it back to me prior to the hunt, but told them I needed it sooner and they told me they had an expedited repair service with a guaranteed 9-business day from receipt “back in your hands” turnaround for $50. I jumped on that and got it back earlier than promised, good as new and fully functional. (I’d kinked the scope tube which was putting stress on the reticle adjustment mechanism). It was pretty clear that it was from my abuse, so they made me pay for the tube ~$200, and they provided all new parts and a completely reconstructed scope from the ground up. They saved my hunt - a new one is about $1500.

From: svrelk
That's good to hear, I've been wanting to send in my binos just for cleaning, eyecup repair.. now I just need to decide which 2 weeks of the year I can live without them....... That's going to be tough..

From: MQ1
Thats why i have two.

7x32 sls & 10x40el

From: Stan NJ
I've had the same great customer service from them...I had purchased a 8 X 30 also back in the late 80's. Kept them on my fishing boat one year and they developed water moisture in one of the lens. Contacted them and did the paper work and off they went. 10 days later I received them back. N/C and free shipping. They were like brand new. Customer service and warranty is second to none.

From: kota-man
I sent in a pair of SLC's that had a "rattle" in June. Just got them back a couple weeks ago in "like new" condition. Although it took longer than most here, I'm very happy with my experience.

From: APauls
I have a like mint condition set of 10x42EL’s I’d sell for $1500 if anyone wants them

From: Bou'bound
That’s a steal

From: Aces11
I sent my spotting scope eye piece in as well. It don’t know what I got in it, but the dial was grinding and wouldn’t turn smooth. They sent back and works like new. Great service!

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