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Boris 04-Sep-19
Bou'bound 04-Sep-19
Rocky D 04-Sep-19
Shawn 04-Sep-19
bentshaft 04-Sep-19
casekiska 04-Sep-19
shiloh 05-Sep-19
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TrapperKayak 05-Sep-19
From: Boris
In both Pa. and Ohio. The areas that I am hunting. The ground is just littered with acorns. What are you guys seeing.

From: Bou'bound
All over the place here

From: Rocky D
Just trekked up to Southeast Ohio and there were plenty of red and chestnut oaks on the ground. The white oaks were here and there a bunch of beech hit.

From: Shawn
Crazy amounts and they are just starting to drop, good beechnut crop too but they don't drop around here til late like late Nov. early Dec. Shawn

From: bentshaft
White oaks in central Virginia are about average in my area. The Hickory trees are overloaded.

From: casekiska
In my part of southern Wisconsin the acorn drop began early this year...maybe two months ago...most dropped acorns then were really small. They are continuing to drop but now are back to the normal size you would expect to see. Of course the deer love them, especially those from the white Oaks! Sure hoping or a good year this year for all bowhunters. Have fun guys and be safe.

Good crop already dropping. Not seeing deer in the bean fields the last two weeks.

From: shiloh
Lots of white oak acorns down here this year, but they won’t start hitting them until late October early November

I haven’t seen any in the three counties I’ve been scouting.

From: South Farm
Dismal, few if any in East Central Mn. or West Central Wi. that I can find. White or Red.

From: Fuzzy
spotty @ 2000 to 3000 feet in SW Virginia. Lowere elevations seem to have more

From: KHNC
Plenty in Upstate SC too.

From: Lost Arra
I kind of like it spotty as long as it's a heavy crop in some areas or certain trees.

From: TrapperKayak
A lot of acorn and beech in all the areas I've hiked in NY. Apples, not so much.

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