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Sharpening Original Silver Flame BH
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spinedoc 05-Sep-19
Buffalo1 05-Sep-19
Ucsdryder 05-Sep-19
Tilzbow 05-Sep-19
sundowner 06-Sep-19
Dale06 06-Sep-19
shorty 07-Sep-19
AccMan 07-Sep-19
From: spinedoc
Hi all,

I have some of the original German Kinetic Silver Flame 125 grain broadheads. I bought them about 14 years ago for an African hunt. I was going to use them this year for an Elk hunt.

They are pretty dull and I wanted to sharpen them up. I may be mistaken, but I think they had an odd degree bevel? I don't want to ruin them, can anyone with experience let me know how easy or difficult this may be?

Thank you

From: Buffalo1
Ck your PM’s

From: Ucsdryder
They are hard to sharpen. I have had luck with using a leather strop and some compound If they aren’t too dull. I had some that I shot into some rocks and beat it up. I used my lansky and got is shaving sharp but had to really move some metal to get it to work.

From: Tilzbow
First disassemble. You'll need a small Torx wrench but I can't remember the size. The use a Gatco or Lansky at 20 degrees to get hair popping sharp, then strop for razor sharpness. They're sharpened at 19 degrees when you receive them and if you try that or a lower angle it'll be much more difficult since these things are hard. Marcus (the original owner) recommended this process to me several years ago.

From: sundowner
Work sharp. Quick and easy.

From: Dale06
I’m sure a Lansky and some work will get them back to shaving sharp.

From: shorty
Buy yourself a harbor freight belt sander. Make sure you get the very fine grit belts along with a leather belt. I use this for sharpening all my 2 blade heads along with my knives. After the leather belt you will be able to shave with those broadheads.

From: AccMan
The paper wheel sharpening system you use on a bench grinder works great on SF broadheads, and your knives.

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