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Chris Walker 05-Sep-19
JTreeman 05-Sep-19
Buskill 05-Sep-19
RK 05-Sep-19
Genesis 05-Sep-19
From: Chris Walker
The only hunts I have ever been on were back in the early 2000's. They were to Illinois for whitetail. The people I hunted with leased farms, you paid your fee, got a house to stay in, a farm to hunt and did everything yourself, which I loved. Since alot of you regularly go on hunts I was just wondering if that still exists? Seems like everything is full on guided now. I could search the web, just thought I might get some better info here. Thanks in advance for any input.

From: JTreeman
They are still out there, but as you seem to have found, probably not as prevalent as they used to be. Try searching for “self-guided hunts” that is what I generally see them called. The best way to find them is direct referrals though, but obviously that can be hard if you don’t know anyone to refer you ;)

I generally find them a little higher risk, the way I think of it the “outfitter” has probably leased more ground than he can sell hunts for. So he is taking his prime ground and doing the full service stuff on that, and sub-leasing the remainder to guys like you. Certainly not saying that is how ALL of them are, but have heard plenty of poor experiences. Just make sure you ask lots of questions and check out the google earth and all that you can do before spending the $ and just as importantly your time!

Just my thoughts, good luck.


From: Buskill
I think Whitetail Crossing in Springfield, KY has some hunts like that. The owner, Bryan, is a cool dude.

From: RK

You are the man. You have a total handle on all of this. LMAO! You rock dude

From: Genesis
You will be very possibly better served to build points and draw an Iowa unit with good public land.The DIY outfitter has just too much temptation to over hunt his/her farms

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