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Anyone hunting the Durfee Hills ?
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My sister-in-law came for a visit and helped my wife do some organizing. They needed a couple of bins and instead of buying a few, they consolidated mine.

Because I am a decent human being, we’re still married. Therapy and a lot of hard work might clear the trauma.

I’ve just put in another stint of getting the ice fishing gear out of the bow hunting bins and the elk calls out of the camp kitchen bins and the face masks and gloves out of canoeing dry pack bins... it’s kind of like Husker Du crossed with a Rubic’s Cube.

But that’s just background. And doesn’t matter.

I came across a map that I put together a couple of years ago of the odd shaped island of the Durfee Hills. I wanted to have a hard copy as well as my GPS. I did not want to cross any boundaries. It’s a weird shape of public.

I sandwiched it between a couple of pieces of clear contact paper with boundaries highlighted, but there are no markings on it. No key insight. No designated honey holes. It’s just a map with boundaries. It might come in handy if your GPS dies.

I like looking at topos at night in my tent to visualize terrain. If you do too, you might like it.

PM an address where I can mail it and it’s yours. Nothing big, but I’d rather not just pitch it in the trash.

I don’t want anything for it (it’s only some contact paper and downloaded topos pieced together) other than you paying it forward somehow, somewhere down the line.

Oh, and that you have a great hunt and post something about it.

From: Shaft2Long
That’s great offer and glad you were able to overcome this insensitive travesty of marital real property issue. Where are the Durfee hills?

Hah!! The “Rearranging” was a while ago. Life is hectic and the organization has been long and drawn out.

The Durfee Hills are an island of public land surrounded by private in Montana.

From: midwest
Now I realize why I'm not married any more and you still are. Good job! ;-)

I’m blaming it on the sister-in-law in order to move forward Nick.

Spent a while last night using a needle to work a couple of treble hooks out of a nice mid-weight merino mid-layer. That kind of stuff has slowed my progress.

Had to take a break and make some “fire biscuits” with the ten year old... using some of my wife’s candles.

She helped with the project and approved of the use of the candle stubs. I did make a crack about maybe using the wedding candle though.

But I gotta free map if someone wants it.

Anyone want this map?

Map is in an envelope awaiting USPS.

Short bloodtrails.

From: Buyse
I've contemplated hunting it. I just don't know if I want to pay for a helicopter ride into it since it's surrounded by the Wilks brothers. This winter I sat and watched thousands of elk over there. It would be fun to hunt!

Map has been mailed out.

From: Michael
Didn’t the Wilks put up a fence that altered the elk movement through the public?

I have always wanted to hunt there after watching Randy Newberg hunt there.

From: Buyse
Not sure on that Michael. But for a couple grand you could get dropped in there. If you had a guy or two it might be worth it just to split cost.

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