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LUCK over Preparation
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Paul@thefort 09-Sep-19
JB 09-Sep-19
Jethro 09-Sep-19
pa10point 09-Sep-19
DanaC 09-Sep-19
elkmtngear 09-Sep-19
Kurt 09-Sep-19
jordanathome 09-Sep-19
Vonfoust 09-Sep-19
fisherick 09-Sep-19
BigSky 20-Sep-19
priley 20-Sep-19
Glunt@work 20-Sep-19
spike78 20-Sep-19
Dale06 20-Sep-19
From: Paul@thefort
I was analyzing my successful elk hunt of last week and determined on that morning , LUCK played a very important ingredient in that successful hunt.

The preparation part was that I had full knowledge that the down hill cool currents could continue until around 9 am to about 9:10 am. and then because of the warming of the sun, that wind would start to change direction in the opposite direction. And that is when I would be gathering equipment and climbing out of the tree stand and heading away. We also know that the current/wind scheduled can change depending on other weather factors, some times earlier and some time a little later.

So the lucky part was that, that morning is was very still and the cool currents were consistent and seem to be on schedule for the, around the 9 am time frame. The other lucky part was that I "milked" those last few minuted before the wind change. And then, another lucky part was the bull elk, now only 10 yards away behind the thicket, 9:05 am, did not come a 30 seconds later when I was getting down or that he heard me getting ready to get down.

One can plan and prepare for these elk hunts but some times all the planning and preparation might mean nothing without a little LUCK.

I am sure many of you have experienced much of the same during your hunts. LUCK IS GOOD.

my best, Paul

From: JB
I have heard the saying better lucky than good. After reading your threads, I would have to conclude that you create some of your luck. You hunt hard and prepare well. The extra luck is a bonus.

From: Jethro
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

From: pa10point
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. It always seems that the more prepared you are the luckier you will be. Your hunt was a classic case. Congrats on a great hunt and i would have to get the trail cam pic framed if i were you.

From: DanaC
Control what you can and *then* you can take advantage when luck comes your way. I'd rather be lucky *and* good. ;-)

From: elkmtngear
Luck being what it was at the "moment of truth" did your homework, and it paid off!

It was preparation, and boot leather that put you there in the first place, but I hear what you're saying Paul...luck has always played some part in my successful elk hunts.

From: Kurt
Paul, you are lucky you fully understand thermals as well as other wind direction factors. They make or break many elk hunting opportunities. And a bit of luck making it happen just as your window of opportunity was closing. There was a lot more prep and knowledge in your hunt than luck though.

From: jordanathome
Well, I think there is dumb luck where you don't do much but get real lucky.

Then there is making your own luck by picking the right area to be at the right time with the right conditions then getting lucky when it all works together for a successful result.

From: Vonfoust
You earned that luck.

From: fisherick
With your experience level and wisdom you create your own luck. Congrats on your many successful hunts.

From: BigSky
I over-prepare for almost everything. However, I would rather be lucky than good. Unfortunately, I've never been that lucky guy so I have to try to do and be better.

From: priley
around here they say "luck is better than brains any day "

From: Glunt@work
There two kinds of luck. One of them I have had plenty of this season :^)

From: spike78
Paul, then you sure seem to get “lucky” year after year!

From: Dale06
I arrowed an elk last week in southern Colo. I was lucky in that we found a bull that was callable or interested in responding to our calling. Having said that I did quite a bit of physical prep and training for this hunt and was able to hunt some areas that others who were not in shape could not hunt. So in this case, luck and prep came together.

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