2020 OTC Mule Deer Velvet Hunts. W/ Ward
Mule Deer
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Ward's Outfitters is now booking for August - September 2020 archery Arizona mule deer. These hunts are action packed with 95 % shot opportunity. Hunters can expect to make multiple stalks per day after 150-170 class bucks. Hunters will see 175-185 class bucks. Hunting over water is a great option if its dry. Hunters can expect to see 15 to 40 bucks per day depending on the area we decide to hunt. Hunters should be capable of walking on flat ground for an average of 6 miles per day while stalking. Average shots will be 20-60 yards. The hunts are 6 full days of hunting all inclusive minus your tag and licence for $5500.00 this includes 2 guides. We will guide no more than 3 hunters per week. Lodging is motel based and meals in restaurants. This is an action packed hunt.

From: t-roy


Great action packed hunt guys.


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Ward's Outfitters's embedded Photo
Let's chase some giants

Guaranteed to be an action packed hunt, you can choose to chase Mule deer Or Coues Deer and Bear season is open at the same time offering a great experience. Trust that we will give you an amazing hunt with multiple stalks per day Guaranteed

Only a few spots left , I'm telling you this is one bad a$$ hunt don't miss out

From: KHNC
Public ground?


Public and Private ground , We hunted 18 days last season and never seen another hunter !!!

Still have openings !!!!

2 openings available

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