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Knight Ridge East and Coyote Cree HMA's
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From: moose talk
So I will be moose hunting south of Evanston WY, and am curious about the knight ridge east and coyote creek hma's. I have talked to a few friends and people who hunted moose in the unit. I have heard about praying for snow and waiting for the moose to come down from countless people but, I have also been told there are moose in the hay meadows and near the towns of evanston, mountain view, lyman, robertson. My question is has anyone been on these HMA's or seen moose in these areas, if so was it late in the season when the snow comes or are they worth checking out in the early season as well. Any advice on the area as a whole would be appreciated.

#27 or 35??

Read the HMA's Ranch Rules and it says what species you can hunt.

If memory serves, KR doesn't even allow moose hunting.

Don't overlook south in # 27 or 35, Lonetree ect to the Utah border.....

Good luck, Robb

From: moose talk
27 The Knight Ridge East does allow moose hunting which I have all my HMA slips but knight ridge west does not allow moose hunting. I have looked hard at the border and plan on hunting there this weekend but, was just curious about all the lower country. And to here from someone that may have been in these HMA's for more of the late season portion of the hunt. With any luck I will be tagged out and happy before to much snow flies. Either way I am happy to chase moose as long as needed. Really excited to be chasing moose and not a point creep.

PM me your cell # as I am travelling thru there next week and if I see any good Bull Moose, I'll get back to ya ASAP

Good luck, Robb

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