Tight Spot Quivers
anyone use nose jammer
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booner 10-Sep-19
badguybuster 10-Sep-19
GF 10-Sep-19
Paul@thefort 10-Sep-19
Aces11 10-Sep-19
Rob in VT 10-Sep-19
jordanathome 10-Sep-19
SBH 11-Sep-19
Bou'bound 11-Sep-19
BIG BEAR 11-Sep-19
From: booner
headed to Montana and was thinking of taking nose jammer for a little extra help. Wondering if anyone else has tried and if it was successful in hiding your scent

From: badguybuster
I tried it here in WV last year...was a collossal failure. Every deer that smelled it beat feet outta there.

From: GF
I suppose it’s like any other curiosity scent - they’re willing to check it out, but if they learn to associate it with danger, you might as well drown yourself in Cougar Whiz...

I dunno. I know Lou has used a LOT of things quite successfully, but I always wonder if it’s not all about bring LOU instead of.... oh, maybe ME. I could probably “prove” that a LOT of things are useless crap....

From: Paul@thefort
I tried it while elk hunting from my treestand this season , the first day. All morning I thought I was in a bakery ie, the vanilla smell.. While I killed a good bull the next morning, it was because of a favorable wind and not because of the Nose Jammer. Will I use it this fall deer hunting?, may be.--- just to see. Paul

From: Aces11
I have used it deer hunting and feel it worked. Certainly didn’t hurt at all. Never tried on elk.

From: Rob in VT
I have used it for the past 4 or 5 years with whitetails. I had no bad effects from it. I can’t say it helped, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

From: jordanathome
Jaq reports using it and liking it with good results. I used it this year and enjoyed smelling like a cookie instead of a dead animal after several days of sweat. I can't say I had any situations with an animal downwind that reacted in any way to it vs not using it. I have had plenty of elk come from downwind when I was not using any cover scent or blocker. For me it was more for me to stand myself multiple days in with no shower.

From: SBH
Stay away from that vanilla smelling stuff in grizzly country in my opinion!

I use it sometimes for whitetail tree stand but there just isn't any reason with elk. Your walking around sweating and stinking so much.....you gotta play the wind. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt but I just don't spend the money on scent control in the elk woods anymore. After a few days out there......I stink regardless.

From: Bou'bound
Is it better than scrape juice?

Sounds like it would be good for bear hunting.... probably cheaper just to buy vanilla though..... we buy pints of vanilla at Gordon’s Foods.

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