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From: jordanathome
This year since I was truck camping for the first time in a couple years, I decided to try something new. I saw folks talking about freezing meals then warming them up in the bag using boiling water.

So I decided to start with leftovers from some meals in August then made a couple meals on purpose just to bag and freeze. I had some elk spaghetti, some lentil soup with elk burger, and some pork chops with stovetop.

What I hate the most about elk hunting is racing back to camp to make dinner and wind down knowing the clock is against you and the longer you take the less sleep you will get before the alarm goes off the next morning. Anything to speed up that process, remove the need to do dishes, and still have a decent meal (not MH) was all thumbs up for me.

I was very pleased. I did get a bit concerned by day 5 when most of the meals had mostly thawed. Even on ice I was concerned they might start to go bad once they thawed. The spaghetti was my fav. The lentil soup made me gassy as I have ever been.....funny but annoying as well. The pork chops and stovetop worked out great too although it did require a disposable plate as cutting and eating it out of the bag was a non-starter for me. The others I just cut the top off the bag and dug in.

I will definitely be doing this again on my next truck camp excursion. Maybe I'll just eat spaghetti all week. LOL

From: dirtclod Az.
Boil your Spaghetti with Lentil soup,Then you'll have a rip-roaring good time!Ha!,Ha!

From: bowhunter24
Lentil soup with a heavy dose of vanilla and you will have your own personal nose jammer!

From: DanaC
Anything that reheats well, a small stove, heaven! And consider using a 'double boiler' method if you're worried about burning your meals. Them small stoves can be tricky.

Cooked food will keep a long, long time.

From: Fuzzy
TCS food is considered "safe" up to 7 days at or below 41 degrees F

Try bbq chicken with mashed potatoes. Elk chili and add cheese onions and crackers, num num.. Do a couple practice.runs to make sure u don't overcook. It's ok if they thaw out. They are still goooood.

From: Mule Power
We just invited two old dudes with us who are just trout fishing and will have dinner on the table when we get back to camp. If this works it could be the best meal plan ever.

From: DanaC
Joe, that's brilliant! ;-) Back when we had a 'real' deer camp up in VT I loved cooking for the guys. (Made dam' sure *they* did the dishes ;-) ) Nowadays we still get together during gun season and I make a big pot of spaghetti sauce, plus chicken and garlic bread etc. We usually skip the afternoon hunt that day ...

From: Jordanathome
bunch of funny sorkers around here eh? ;)

From: APauls
Portable BBQ is gold. I find it takes me a solid 15 minutes or so to reheat in boiling water like that. Almost any pork chops, chicken drumsticks, steak, smokies, pizza, perogies etc can be done in 10-20 minutes on a bbq as well.

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