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From: DL
I’m elk hunting in NorCal right now. Today I met a fellow bowhunter on a logging road. He had been bear hunting by himself but season is now closed. He had missed one he said. There are bears everywhere up here. I told I found a great spot. I said I’ll be happy to take you there. He was excited. So we drove very close to the spot. He got out using two canes to walk. Rod is 88. Hunts out of tree stands. Hunts by himself and was camped there by himself. I do not know how he puts up a treestand let alone climb it. I took him to a tiny waterhole in a meadow that was about 4 feet down and the banks were slick from bears getting water plus there were trails through the grass coming to it. He was in awe and said this is a gem. He’s decided to stay two day longer just to put out cameras. He told me about a honey hole in Arizona right in the Mexican border where he found a spring years ago. He said there has been five fellas that have gone there and taken coues deer bucks. He asked if I would like to go with him. You never know what one act can lead to. He also showed me a waterhole that’s not listed on any maps. Spent the evening in the woods talking. Hunting will be there tomorrow.

From: bowhunter24
Good for you sir maybe a new hunting buddy! Wouldn't hurt for Rod to have someone know where he is too. Falls happen even to these old guy.

From: TrapperKayak
I met a guy out hunting in my area last fall who is a Vet., a body builder, and bowhunter. He said this is the first year he'd been able to hunt in a few years because he had Lyme disease and the Dr.s could not figure out what he had. He ended up showing me video of himself at home sitting in a chair trembling, almost convulsing violently from the disease before he'd been diagnosed and gotten treatment. It was disturbing to say the least. The guy had lost dozens of pounds, and could not control his muscle movement. His wife was heard crying in the background and disturbed at not being able to help him. Dr.s finally found the culprit and gave strong anti biotics. Now a year later he's been working out again and gained back the bulk, but said he still had some lasting effects. But he was able to bowhunt. We talked for 45 min. Said he's seen some bucks, and was after a nice one. probably the same one I was after... :) Nice guy to talk to, it was a good encounter. He lives on the same road, but I've not seen him since. Hopefully he's okay.

From: Rut Nut
Doing a good deed can often lead to getting one in return..........................................

LOVE to hear stories like this one! ;-)

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