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Wyoming 7 Pts.-No Mans Land
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I’m truly 2 years out from burning these points.

After much research, sure seems like I’m in the thick of it.

Not that I’m looking for intel, but I’m certain I’ll never catch up and have to settle for a sub par unit.

Not that any elk hunt is “settling” but I’m sure not to get a prime unit.

Looking at Eastman’s reports and suggestions, timing is everything.

Decisions, decisions.

From: wytex
The special draw would get you into an area I would hardly call sub par.

Shoot, there are General units that are far from ‘sub par’...Just put some time and research in and ditch Eastman’s! ;-)

Ike, I agree on the “Time” element. I’m two seasons out the would put me at 9 pts.

That gives me that time to do more research, which I enjoy, part of the process.

I really appreciate your and Wytex’s advice on a general tag.

Thank you

From: WI Shedhead
The way point creep has been the last few yeRs in some units it might take 4 years to get you that tag. The unit I’m chasing I only gain about 2/3 point every year and the guys I’m with r too cheap to put in for the special tag. So we wait

Rich, I tossed ya a PM with some 100% options, $pecial Fee and some Cheapie Fee/7 points.

I avoided any 'Wilderness' Units...….

Nothing from the Gen tag pool though as it is like 3 points 100%------->

Good luck, Robb

From: Mule Power
What’s your goal? Size, quantity, ease of hunt?

From: Trial153
I wish I was back in no man's land with 7 points!! Burned mine last year!

From: skinnyindian
I'm in the same boat with 7 points, and looking to use them in the next 3 years.

From: XbowfromNY
I got 6 elk, 5 Mule Deer, 5 Lope for WY. Am I in this "no mans land" too? Thanks.

Thx Robb and Wytex again, very much appreciated. ( * US guys from back east need all the help we can get, but when you want to know where the BIGGEST STRIPERS ARE, send me a PM )

Mule...fair question for sure. I am definitely middle of the road between size and quantity, ease no..I'd rather hunt buddy.

From: 0hndycp
I’m also in the 7 point pool. Would love to hunt elk in WY but keep just buying points. I really only have 1 hunting partner that doesn’t have ability to make an out of state hunt work.

Might have to see if anyone would be interested in “borrowing” some points and gaining a hunting partner for a couple weeks.

Wish September had 8 weeks in it so I could hunt all the states I’d like to!

From: Michael
There is a unit I would love to hunt again in Wyoming that takes 7 points to draw.

Thx to the guys who reached out.

One of the many reasons to be here, and i really appreciate it.

From: Willieboat
In the same boat here....7 points.....gonna use them on a general permit next year and not be sitting at home in the middle of September !!

Sent ya some Type 9 options Rich------->



From: Brotsky
Rich, if you share half of them with your good buddy Brotsky we can both go elk hunting :-) I’m sure you got some great advice from Robb and others.

From: midwest
The great thing about Wyo is the ability to share your points with a friend. 7 points will get you and possibly 2 friends a Gen tag.

From: weekender21
I've got about 10 points in WY. Planning to save up for another 10 years and convince a bunch of Bowsiters into hunting Grizzly country with me. Safety in numbers! I want to ensure there is at least a 75% chance I won't be the one to get mauled :)

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