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Newfoundland Moose Outfitter?
Contributors to this thread:
Mule Power 12-Sep-19
Tao 12-Sep-19
Aubs8 12-Sep-19
Trial153 12-Sep-19
Bou'bound 12-Sep-19
Buffalo1 12-Sep-19
Bea 13-Sep-19
bb 13-Sep-19
newfi1946moose 13-Sep-19
wild1 13-Sep-19
PAstringking 14-Sep-19
Russell 14-Sep-19
bb 14-Sep-19
newfi1946moose 14-Sep-19
From: Mule Power
I have an older friend looking to book a moose hunt in Newfoundland. His budget is 6-8K. He’s looking for a “decent bull” but doesn’t have to be a monster. Hoping to set something up for 2020 but would go this year if a cancellation pops up. I’ve never had the urge to hunt there so I’ve done no research and figured what better than to ask you guys. Thanks!

From: Tao
$5000 per hunter will usually get you a 7 day bow hunt in Northwestern Ontario and the guide extra.....Ignace Outposts

From: Aubs8
Dean MacDonald and Moose Valley Outfitters

From: Trial153
Dean is great, I will up there for combo hunt in two weeks. That said I think he is booked through 2021 already. I waited 3 years since my last hunt to get this caribou tag.

From: Bou'bound
Dean is great. Been with him six times. Just booked for 2022 which is next opening

From: Buffalo1
May want to PM contact BEA (Roger Lewis) who just recently posted a thread about killing a cow cape buffalo in Africa. He is probably back or on his way back from South Africa. He is a guide in Newfoundland. He may can meet your needs and expectations.

From: Bea
pm sent

From: bb
I heard a rumor that they killed a great big bull first week of archery season. 60" ish

coone river has new owners and is offering a discount this year for a mid-oct. hunt.

From: wild1
Can't go wrong with Moose Valley or Bob Efford.

From: PAstringking
Moose Valley and Grand Lake Adventures

From: Russell
Based on my one moose hunting trip to NF, I would not select an outfitter that you can drive to.

The phrase "road hunting" takes on a new meaning on this island.

From: bb

7 times there and all drivein and very successful!

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