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How are the ROGUE strings and cables
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Boris 13-Sep-19
monkeybutt 13-Sep-19
Ucsdryder 13-Sep-19
ELKMAN 15-Sep-19
From: Boris
A bow shop near me sales the Rogue strings. I don't know how good they are. Any info will help.

From: monkeybutt
I recently put a set of their Pro strings on my RX-1 to replace the factory strings. No issues thus far. I would guess that I only have ~450 shots on them, but thus far no issues or complaints.

From: Ucsdryder
I would ask the shop about their warranty. If they stand behind the strings and warranty against separation and stretching then I’d feel good about it! Also, I’d ask about how the shop handles it. Are they going to do the repairs for free if there are warranty issues?

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