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Ground Blinds - Setup for Quick Use?
Whitetail Deer
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Bigfoot 13-Sep-19
Fuzz 13-Sep-19
OK Cowboy 13-Sep-19
greg simon 13-Sep-19
Scooby-doo 13-Sep-19
Rock 16-Sep-19
razorsharp 18-Sep-19
ACB 18-Sep-19
drycreek 18-Sep-19
yooper89 18-Sep-19
Dale06 18-Sep-19
longbow 18-Sep-19
From: Bigfoot
A hunting partner and myself, from Alberta, got drawn for Whitetails in Saskatchewan this year. The area we got drawn in is new to us (if we ever wanted to go we needed to put into various areas and hope for a draw with low odds - it finally worked!), but we have done lots of homework by studying maps, calling landowners, talking to fish and wildlife, etc. It will be an early October bowhunt and we aren't able to go ahead of time to scout and setup blinds/stands, etc. Thought I would ask for any pointers in setting up a Ground Blind so that deer will not shy from it the first few days. We don't have the option of pinpointing a good spot and putting something in ahead of time. Brushing it in would be obvious, but even that changes the area a little which, in my experience, makes deer nervous. Any hints on how to set up for this kind of hunt?

From: Fuzz
If there's any agricultural in the area where round bales are common, I'd highly recommend using one.

If not, like you said, then just brush in the pop ups really well.

That's all I got.

From: OK Cowboy
I have always had luck setting up a blind the morning before a hunt just sticking it up under a tree and in some tall grass so it appears natural. I will pull some brush in front of it to help it blend. Deer never pay attention to them unless they are out in the wide open. I have had deer walk from downwind and around my blind within 3 yards and never spook.

From: greg simon
Put the blind under low hanging limbs and where it will be in the shade. You must break up the outline of your blind or deer will pick it out easily.

From: Scooby-doo
Break up out lines is obvious but the black holes of the windows are what bugger the deer. I try to set it so I only have two window open and actually put some brush covering the open window. You still have a few holes in the brush in material to shoot through. Shawn

From: Rock
Get your self a Hay Bale Blind they will never pay any attention to it, they work great on everything I have tried them on (Elk, Deer, Antelope, Turkey and predators) so far.

From: razorsharp
Ghost blind.

From: ACB
I think Scooby is correct in thinking the black holes are what spooks them and I have theory on that . A lot of blings have 2 winds on each side and when you open them both up it triggers predator prey response in them . If you back up and look at these blinds they look just like 2 huge predator eyes looking at you . Would love to see some data on different window shapes and sizes and the spook rate of game .

From: drycreek
What greg said. Under a low hanging limb in the shade. Leave the netting on the windows if you use a cut on contact. Mechs, well you’re on your own. Some are ok I’ve heard, but never tried.

From: yooper89
I’ve always wondered about leaving the screens up. If you’re using a recurve, is it going to slow/mess up your shot at all given the significantly lower FPS on your shots?

From: Dale06
I’ve arrowed 8-10 deer from ground blinds and shot through mesh on all of them. The shots were all 15-20 yards. I use fixed heads exclusively.

From: longbow
Decoy with it on same day sets

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