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One week left
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Moons22 13-Sep-19
Elite 1 13-Sep-19
From: Moons22

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The baiting season In my zone in NH sucks. Sept1-21, no pre baiting. I was able to kill a small bear on Monday. He was the only one hitting it at the time. Checked cam and have a big bear hitting it now. Tuesday,weds,thurs he was on the bait in the ballpark of 9pm-midnight, then back from 230ish to 430ish in the morning. Question is with one week left how would you hunt this bear/any trick to get him coming earlier. No other bears on the camera so may be wishful thinking, why with no competition would he come in earlier. Anyways any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

From: Elite 1
Not sure when your sundown is if you know where his trail coming in is set a stand 60 to 100yds back. A lot of those big bears will stage back of the bait till sundown. Or take the bait with you when you leave. Good luck

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