Tight Spot Quivers
Crispi Lapponia?
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6x6 bull 14-Sep-19
xtroutx 14-Sep-19
Franklin 14-Sep-19
Katahdin 14-Sep-19
zimmy 17-Sep-19
6x6 bull 19-Sep-19
From: 6x6 bull
Does anyone know if they have been discontinued? I have been waiting for a long time for them to be restocked at Midway or Black Ovis.

From: xtroutx
Sounds like something to go with starbucks drink.

From: Franklin
They must of underestimated the popularity of this lightweight boot. Hopefully they don`t discontinue this line.

From: Katahdin
Thought this thread was of a friend of Cheech and Chong

From: zimmy
6x6 Bull, try emailing Kelsie Archuleta at Black Ovis customerservice she helped me with buying my Crispi Summit boots.

From: 6x6 bull
Thanks Zimmy! That's what I did and they are supposed to be back in stock in November! They are going to email me when they get them.

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