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Arctic Shield
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LBshooter 14-Sep-19
papadeerhtr 14-Sep-19
shane 15-Sep-19
Brotsky 15-Sep-19
midwest 15-Sep-19
35-Acre 16-Sep-19
PAOH 16-Sep-19
wv_bowhunter 16-Sep-19
wildan 19-Sep-19
wv_bowhunter 19-Sep-19
Ucsdryder 19-Sep-19
From: LBshooter
Just wanted to give a thumbs up to this company for outstanding customer service. I simply wrote an email asking a question about the boot insulators and mention a problem I was having with them. Asked if they would just look into improving for the future covers and I got a email back thanking me for the comments. In the email they said they wanted to send me a brand new pair free, I was pleasantly surprised and happy as could be. I rely on these insulators in the coldest of Illinois winters and I get away with wear non insulated hiking boots with one body chemical warmer inside, comfy feet no matter the temp, excellent product. Any of you looking for extra warmth take a look at the Arctic shield insulators.

From: papadeerhtr
I have their boot covers to and they are great also have their bibs best ive ever owned.

From: shane
I love their boot insulators. I wonder how the body insulator suit works?

From: Brotsky
Their boot insulators are one of the best purchases I ever made for tree stand hunting. Game changers for cold midwestern Novembers.

From: midwest
They are magic.

From: 35-Acre
Big thumbs up on the boot insulators. I wear sneakers in Buffalo, NY winters with a hand warmer in them. I can't believe how awesome they are.

From: PAOH
I agree , the boot insulators are the only thing I have found to keep my feet warm.

From: wv_bowhunter
Does anyone have any experience with their outerwear?

From: wildan
This my not be current; but I purchased a complete set a few years ago and sent it back after one sit.Cold if you leaned against a tree and was very stiff and noisy.

From: wv_bowhunter
Interesting. Thank you for sharing your experience wildan.

From: Ucsdryder
Boot insulators? You sissies! ;)

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