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What hunting stabilizer?
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huntinelk 15-Sep-19
badguybuster 15-Sep-19
PECO 15-Sep-19
wyobullshooter 15-Sep-19
cnelk 15-Sep-19
stringgunner 15-Sep-19
Trial153 15-Sep-19
x-man 16-Sep-19
bigeasygator 16-Sep-19
Dale06 16-Sep-19
fubar racin 16-Sep-19
KsRancher 16-Sep-19
drycreek 16-Sep-19
BowKid2001 19-Sep-19
Brotsky 19-Sep-19
WapitiBob 19-Sep-19
The Yode 22-Sep-19
yooper89 22-Sep-19
Ermine 22-Sep-19
From: huntinelk
What stabilizer do you use for hunting? I've always used the cheapos with some type of rubber dampener on it, in the 6" - 8" range. Wondering if the higher price stabilizers would provide a significant benefit?

From: badguybuster
8" bee stinger

From: PECO
I tried a B-Stinger after all the hype about it here. I did not like it, went back to a cheap d-do looking one. Works great.

Bee Stinger Counter Slide.

From: cnelk
B Stinger - immediate game changer

From: stringgunner
I have purchased 2 Bee Stinger Sport Hunter’s. 12”. I really liked how they helped at longer ranges. Unfortunately both began making a loud rattling noise upon release. My local bow shop confirmed and mailed the first one back. The company admitted the epoxy they use can fail which results in this. They sent me another one, the 2nd one did the same thing.

I switched this year to a cross over stabilizer. Love it. Will never go back to Bee Stinger after 2 failed. My local bow shop stopped carrying them aswell.

From: Trial153
I have several bee stingers, almost all micro hexx... depends on the bow as to the length and weight. I also have their counter slide in 12 and 15. I also have recently bought a wick stick micor and it's a quaility stablizer. I am using a 12" bar and once out front on my new pse evoke 31

From: x-man
Depends on if you are looking for a "stabilizer" or a "sound/vibration dampener" as they are two very different tools.

For close-up whitetail hunting, I do not need a stabilizer, but I do use a rubber infused sound/vibration dampener (Sims Stab). When I'm shooting long ranges I use a true stabilizer (rigid original B-Stinger).

There are also hybrid stabs that do some of each. Personally I feel those are a waste of money. In my equipment, there are stabilizers with absolutely no rubber or moving parts. And then there are sound/vibration dampeners that are mostly soft-rubber.

A guy should have a nice riding car or a heavy-duty truck. Never saw much need for an ElCamino or Ranchero. ;)

From: bigeasygator
I ran B-Stinger Stabilizers for a long time. Swapped out to a Spider Archery Tracker PRO HUNTER pack this year which includes a a forward facing stabilizer and an offset rear stabilizer. First time I shot an offset rear stabilizer and I think it's really helped my groups tighten up.

From: Dale06
I have used B Stingers, 8” for a number of years, on two bows. I think it reduces noise some, and looks sexy. Can’t say it does anything else.

From: fubar racin
I have a 15” beestinger out front and 10” offset out the back biggest difference Iv noticed with it is the noise reduction

From: KsRancher
I have 10-12inch long and 1inch diameter stabilizer. Not sure of brand. The only reason I have it on there is for spot and stalk hunting. I hold my bow in my shooting hand, just like I am shooting. I use the stabilizer as a "crutch". It makes crawling on all 4's a lot easier.

From: drycreek
What PECO said.

From: BowKid2001
Cutter stabilizers are some of the thinnest stabs out there. They work amazing all around, especially in the wind

From: Brotsky
10" Bee Stinger Microhexx.

From: WapitiBob
22” vibracheck in front, 12” doinker on back.

From: The Yode
Check with either your local archery shop or club and see if someone has something you can put on your bow and try a few shots with (a lot of shops will let you do that before buying). I did that with a 10" B-Stinger years ago and immediately saw a difference in my ability to hold steadier on a shot (target archers use those long stabilizers for a reason). Most people I let borrow mine for a few shots saw a definite difference, but not everyone did so your mileage may vary... It also does not get in my way hunting anymore than the bow itself.

From: yooper89
I used the 8” stinger with two weights when I had my compound. Worked great.

From: Ermine
B stinger 10” or 12”. Been using them since they came out. Work great. Function like a stabilizer should

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