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What decoy?
Whitetail Deer
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pointingdogs 15-Sep-19
Shawn 16-Sep-19
LBshooter 16-Sep-19
Mad_Angler 18-Sep-19
From: pointingdogs
Just picked up 190 acres of rolling CRP and small tree draws. No real punch points and just a few mature trees for a ladder stand. Grass is chest high. I've hunted areas like this before with a decoy (pre rut and rut). Old decoy broke. Any suggestions on what you guys like in the decoy market. Thanks in advance. PS: Not looking to break the bank.

From: Shawn
Most anyone, just go to Amazon and order one. I use an old Delta and a new one from Field and stream. Get something with decent eyes and add a white feather to rump and maybe an ear for movement in a slight breeze. Shawn

From: LBshooter
Go on craigslist in the sporting section and search decoys, should find som. If not, Montana decoys are nice and easy.

From: Mad_Angler
I have a DSD and really like it.

But... I would say "don't bother" with chest high grass. I normally use my decoy in Kansas. I have access to 160 acres and there are a few spots that work well for decoys. Last year, we didn't have cows on the property and the area was covered with chest high grass. All my good decoy spots were useless. Even a deer a few yards away could not see the decoy.

If you do get a decoy, try to look for any rolling hills or hillsides. Those will be the only place where the deer can see the decoy.

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