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Best camo fleece hoody
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WV Mountaineer 16-Sep-19
Glunt@work 16-Sep-19
fisherick 16-Sep-19
JSW 16-Sep-19
pointingdogs 16-Sep-19
PECO 16-Sep-19
Lost my old fleece hoody in CO last year. While it was a very basic item from Cabelas, I had it for well over 20 years of bowhunting and it was either my outer layer or my mid layer, depending on temps. It was 100% quiet, camo was AP realtree, and it fit just right with a few liner shirts underneath or even a safety vest underneath. Looking to replace it with an all fleece, very very quiet, no windproofing, all around camo with a hood. I have researched First Lite, ASAT, Huntsworth, Day One, Cabelas, Under Armour, etc. but have not narrowed this down at all. Please note what you use and how you like it. I have the lightweight SITKA hoody and while it is OK, it is not thick enough fleece, plus I want a backup.

I just bought a 100 % polyester, very low nap, 200gm fleece hoodie yesterday from rural king. It’s all camo, extremely light, extremely quiet, and is going to be the perfect midlayer on cold hunts or outer layer for everything warmer. It has a hand warmer pocket too. The cut on it is nice. Not bulky at all. I paid a whopping $24 for it. Lincoln outfitters is the brand name.

It isn’t Kuiu, Sitka, fist lite, nomad, etc... but, it’ll serve its intended purpose just as well. Check them out. You’ll like it.

From: Glunt@work
I'm in the cheap hoodie club. Grabbed a poly one from Walmart for $20 on the way up hunting a few years ago when I missed throwing in a duffel of clothes. It gets worn almost every morning when hunting Sept and all day as a layer later on. Mossy Oak Mountain Country which has decent contrast and isn't a dark blob. Can't find anything wrong with it. Its super quiet, soft, and the right weight.

From: fisherick
Buy a cheap Walmart camo hoody or a nice Asbell wool pullover. I love my wool pullover and it does not strangle my neck, is warm, comfortable, and quiet.

From: JSW
I really like the Sitka Fanatic hoody. It's pricey but I wear it all the time.

From: pointingdogs
Maybe not what you have in mind. I have the Wooltimate hoodie from Cabelas. Windproof, warm and made from wool so waterproof. Wooltimate is my most favorite hunting clothing.

From: PECO
Check on Camofire

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