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From: Sivart
Looking to get a decent pair of boots. Trouble is, I have the most pussy feet on the planet. I get heel blisters real easy. I've been wearing Danner 452s for the last 10 years. Prob the only boot I've worn that won't give me blisters. But they aren't waterproof at all, and don't barely last a good elk season. I have a long narrow foot, prob why I get heel blisters so easy. Any suggestions. I'm not above spending money on good boots, but i hate to spend $400 on boots that give me blisters.

From: W

From: T Mac
Try on several pair and what fits/feels best for your feet. Also, leukotape is your feet’s best friend when you begin to feel a hot spot. The Salomon 4D gtx served me well recently in the mountains along with minimal pieces of leukotape. This was the same advice I sought and was given by the bowsite brain trust and they did not let me down. My feet were in great condition all week. Thanks bowsite crowd!

From: WapitiBob
A soft boot like lowa renegade or Salomon quest will conform to your foot. Add tape to the heels and you should be ok.

From: Mule Power
I think Danner is best for you if you have a long narrow foot. Why don’t you pick another model and use Leukotape on your heels and any other hot spots.

From: cnelk
Try different socks. Good socks

From: T Mac
I also used smart wool medium cushion and prefer them over darn tough socks.

Wear a thin poly liner sock under a good quality wool sock.

From: Buskill
Irish Setters ain’t bad.

I have been wearing Meindl light hikers for five years and they have been a great blister free boot for elk hunting. they are about $250 bucks and have worn well and stayed water proof. Johnny Morris will probably have cabelas discontinue them since they are awesome, that is the pattern there now.

From: Franklin
Before I step 1 foot in the woods I Leukotape any spot I have had issues with in the past and I wear a liner sock. I wore a "5 toe" poly liner this year that was recommended by a Bowsiter and I must say they worked great.

Finding a boot that fits you can`t be done on a thread. That will take getting sized, trial and error. Go get a custom fitting before shelling out the big $$$$.

From: LBshooter
Get some bear grease and smother your boots, it will keep you dry.

From: bigeasygator
Like others have said, Leukotape and liner socks work well for blister prevention.

Boot-wise, I try to get away with the "lightest" and most minimalist boot I can for bowhunting purposes, but it all depends on the terrain and how I'm hunting. Steep terrain and/or hunting out of a backpack, I want more support - something like a leather boot from Hanwag Alaska, Lowa Tibets, or Kenetrek Mountain Extremes. If I'm dayhunting or hunting terrain that is a bit more gentle, I something lighter. I just hunted in NM with a pair of Crispi Monaco GTXs and loved them.

From: Dale06
I bought a pair of Crispi GTX Colorado boots. Just returned from an elk hunt. They were comfortable, and provided good support. Cost $360.

From: Brotsky
I've been through Lowa Renegades and now Scarpa Zanskars. I'm trying Crispi next.....

From: lv2bohunt
I would suggest Solomon X Alp GTX mountain boots. Great fit, comfortable, dry and no break-in. Wore them for 10 days in the mountains chasing elk and never an issue.

From: DanaC
Forget brand names for now, go to a good backpacking outfitter and get a boot fit properly.

Kentuck, I too am a 20 yr Meindl Cabelas wearer. Ass pro has already done what you said. Meindls are discontinued and off there websites as of a few weeks ago. Meindl USA has some similar selections at similar prices. Denalis seem to equal Vakuum Hunters. I may try that but have moved into Lowa Tibets for now.

Just checked and Meindl USA has the light hikers still. Thanks

From: jordanathome
I love my Asolo's mid height and full height Lowa Tibets. Never had blister issues.

From: MT Livin'
"Get some bear grease and smother your boots, it will keep you dry." Not true, there's no such thing as waterproof hiking boots after you've been in the mountains all day in the rain, doesn't matter if they're Schnees, Kennetrek, or whatever brand of "high end mountain hiking boots" they are, just my experience....

From: rtkreaper
How about whatever you've got???

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