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Griz Attack #1 & #2 2019
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Pop-r 18-Sep-19
Pop-r 18-Sep-19
Bou'bound 18-Sep-19
Oz 24-Sep-19
GF 25-Sep-19
spike78 26-Sep-19
From: Pop-r
Happened in the Gravelly's. One Monday morning and one that evening. No fatalities thank God! I figure surely it was the same bear. The Forest Service & FWP have closed the area to allow the mankiller to proceed.

From: Pop-r
Sorry I didn't see the other thread before I posted.

From: Bou'bound
Also a woman recently killed on minn ont border. Black bear.

From: Oz
I live and hunt in New Jersey, mostly In the farm/horse country west of Princeton. Used to hunt near Newton in Sussex County, but got tired of very, very close bear encounters while bowhunting (5’). Also got tired of people telling me “they won’t bother you”-BS! Tell that to the family of the young guy who got killed by a large male while his friends ran away a couple of years ago. I think it was Sussex Co. and occurred while crossing a bridge. A predatory Black Bear is a very real danger to any human, anytime and anywhere in N.J.

From: GF
And attack #3 just went down in the Gravellys....

Not all animals need to be managed at the biological capacity of the land.... Some have to be managed at Social Capacity, and Predators are at the top o’ that list....


From: spike78
Oz, you ain’t kidding we came from MA to hunt NJ in Sussex county and it was so thick with bears by the end of our week hunt we were in more open woods and our stands were closer to the road lol. I had to blast one with an air horn as it had no fear walking straight at me.

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