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3 fawns no waiting
Mule Deer
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From: Coyote 65

Coyote 65's embedded Photo
Coyote 65's embedded Photo
Have never seen 3 mule deer fawns with one doe. I have seen them once before, got a chance to take a picture this time.

Most times it is only one fawn one doe. Good mama.


I've seen a muley with triplets 3 times, but one was the same doe two years in a row. She was an over-achiever.

I saw a moose this past August with twins. I thought they always had just one.

From: t-roy
I’ve seen cow moose with twins in Ontario a couple of different times while we were fishing up there, as well as twin calves on a 2016 moose hunt in Alaska.

From: Nick Muche
Ike, moose usually always have twins. You usually only see them with one because a bear got the other.

From: spike78
I’ve seen 3 white tail deer fawns with a doe twice in my life.

From: Coyote 65
What is interesting is that all 3 are different sizes. One closest to mama is largest, and the one up the hill the smallest. The little guy is probably 6 inches smaller than the big one, who am am convinced is a momma's boy.


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