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Which stand would you choose?
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catchindeers24 22-Sep-19
APauls 22-Sep-19
RMhunter 22-Sep-19
Badger_16 22-Sep-19
WV Mountaineer 22-Sep-19
12yards 23-Sep-19
Franklin 23-Sep-19
eBike John 24-Sep-19
Looking at either the Lone Wolf Assault II (11 lbs, 26x19.5") or the Hawk Helium XL (12 lbs, 24x30"). Pairing them with the Lone Wolf climbing sticks (used those forever and love them, but with cheaper, heavier stands). Trying to move to a lighter, more versatile stand for moving around when necessary. Learning more and more that being a mobile hunter on state land is necessary. I like the bigger platform and thicker seat on the Hawk for longer sits, but like the compactness of the Lone Wolf. I'm kind of leaning towards the Hawk, but HATE their straps to attach it to the tree (I currently have the Hawk Combat and had major difficulty using the strap). I've found the Lone Wolf straps are the best in the business. This is the only thing holding me back from the Hawk. What do y'all think?

From: APauls
I have the LW but have never used the Hawk. I wouldn’t buy it either because of the tubing vs cast platform. Once it’s below freezing the tubing is out for me. It’s like a sound amplifier.

From: RMhunter
I have a hawk and have used it 3 years and have been pleased with it. Never had a LW so I can't make the comparison

From: Badger_16
I also have a hawk combat and can't stand the strap. I was considering buying and xop but went with the hawk instead. My buddy bought the xop stand and loves it, I know it isn't one of your choices but if it were me I would go xop. Very similar to the lone wolf but costs less.

Neither of those would be my choice for a mobile setup. I like Hawk stuff but, if I want light and packable, I'd choose a Tethrid Mantis. Not trying to derail the thread. Just giving you my opinion. Good luck and God Bless

From: 12yards
If you're young and agile, get the LW, if you are old and like something under your feet, get the Hawk, or better yet, the LW Alpha.

From: Franklin
There have been some complaints lately about LW`s quality. They have acknowledged the issues and even issued a statement about those issues.

Not sure a treestand is the place for lax quality control.

If you want "light and portable" look at the Wedgeloc`s.

From: eBike John

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This post might help. It lists a few brands, doesn't go into great detail though.

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