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Does anyone try to call in bears?
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elkpaddles 24-Sep-19
Kodiak 24-Sep-19
Stix 24-Sep-19
moosenelson 24-Sep-19
fubar racin 24-Sep-19
Dyjack 24-Sep-19
Coyote 65 24-Sep-19
From: elkpaddles
Does anyone here use bear calls in areas where baiting is not allowed?

From: Kodiak
I don't try to but I've called in several over the years while cow calling for elk.

From: Stix
Same here. Came in to cow calls while elk hunting. Now, when bear hunting, i set up blinds near water holes and food sources. Muck better luck doing this.

From: moosenelson
I've tried it. Pretty ineffective for me.

From: fubar racin
I have done it called in a sow n Cubs with a cottontail in distress 10-12 years ago that was a tense few minutes haven’t tried it since. I believe Paul at the fort has done it successfully.

From: Dyjack
I shot my first bear last week after I called it in with a cheap plastic primos jack rabbit call. F'd the shot up though and the bear lived. What a rush though.

Seems the trick it to locate them then call rather than blind call. Like getting in a bull's personal space. Gotta make it so close it's hard to pass up such an easy meal.

Before I actually tried to call them intentionally this season. I had called them in a lot during turkey hunts unintentionally. Seems like any sound can trigger their curiosity. And a few of the bears I tried to call weren't nterested in having to kill something over a ton of acorns. Even with trying a lot of different sounds.

If you can set up on a lone water source that you know there is bear sign then it'd probably be more efficient. They can hit it at any time.

From: Coyote 65
Called in one, just out in the morning scouting elk, and always have a varmint call in the pocket to try and call in a yote. Not successful that morning, but as I was returning home I thought I heard someone walking in the forest, headed to talk and see if they had seen any elk. Spotted a bear off about 200 yds. Tried the varmint call, bear came running, stopped calling, bear would stop coming. Call again, bear comes running. Got him within 20 yds. before I figured that was close enough.


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