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Super Article- Deer’s Hearing
Whitetail Deer
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From: Buffalo1

Buffalo1's embedded Photo
Buffalo1's embedded Photo
Just got my October 2019 issue of NRA American Hunter magazine yesterday. There is a great article about the ability and sensitivity of deer hearing. Great research findings on WT string jumping and clothing noise. Well worth the read.

From: Woods Walker
I just got mine, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet...I WILL! Thanks for the heads up!

From: Two Feathers
"swiveling radar dishes" - that's for sure. And their ears are so big and fuzzy they catch a lot of sound waves. I hear you can avoid them jumping the string if you can shoot them while they are walking. I only hunt in quiet clothes. Clothes have to pass my scratch test. Freezing and frigid temperatures only compound the noise problem.

From: Woods Walker
Ditto on the quiet clothes. When I shop for hunting clothes I take the tip of a pen (NOT with the ink exposed!) and scratch it on the fabric. If I can hear any sound from it at all (and my hearing is REALLY bad...just ask my wife!) in a store with high ceilings and all the background noise, then it goes back on the rack without hesitation. A deer would be able to LOOK at that garment and hear it!

That said, most of my hunting outerwear is either wool or fleece. Not only are those type of fabrics quiet, but because of the "fuzziness" they also absorb/refract light so there's no shine.

From: GF
Quiet clothes, quiet bows, and the smallest fletchings that offer “enough” forgiveness.

Seems like they don’t trust their eyes HALF as much as their ears.... but they don’t trust their own mothers as much as their noses...

From: 1boonr
You can also avoid string jumping by taking shots under 15 yards with a modern compound and 5 yards with a recurve at deer that are not on high alert. I do think the noise some guys make hurts them but since they don’t know it, they don’t worry about it. You can stay downwind and stay hidden but if you make unnatural noises you are greatly reducing your odds of success.

From: Drahthaar
Deer will still jump the string at 15 yards or less. Forrest

The article seems to indicate that you must draw 80 pounds to shoot a whitetail over 20 yds

From: eBike John
Nice article

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