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Deciding between packs
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HorbachJ 27-Sep-19
Brotsky 27-Sep-19
longspeak74 27-Sep-19
HorbachJ 13-Oct-19
From: HorbachJ
So I’ve narrowed it down between the Tenzing TC Choice hunting daypack and the Tenzing 2220. Both are right in my price range. I’d be mainly using these for whitetail in Mn. My main bulk besides random small items would be a jacket or vest and rain jacket. My question is do the guys with the TC’s wish they had a bigger pack and do the guys with 2220s think it may be a little much. I love that you can haul a bow or climbing sticks in with either. I won’t be hauling any meat out for say here in MN. Thanks

From: Brotsky
The smaller pack should be plenty for the whitetail stand. I use my Kuiu 1850 and it's way more than enough.

From: longspeak74
I have the 2220 and use it mainly for Whitetails; works great. Also took it to Colorado this year with hopes of hauling one load of meat back to truck to grab pack frame. Certainly would have done it's job, if only I had!

From: HorbachJ
I bought the TC 1500. It’s small enough where it works great for everything I’m bringing into the deer woods. I might buy the 2220 next year as I do think the 1500 will not be big enough for hauling multiple layers in. Currently I can pack my Jacket and rolled up pad for my seat in the main compartment which fills it up. Works great for this but I know that the extra space and pockets will be nicer.

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