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Close encounter with elk
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Huntcell 28-Sep-19
Scrappy 28-Sep-19
GF 28-Sep-19
JTV 28-Sep-19
Jaquomo 28-Sep-19
From: Huntcell

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Elk licks hunter’s bow . Now that is close

From: Scrappy
I need to figure out what attractant he is using on his bow.

From: GF
Maybe a scent-killer spray with a lot of baking soda in it?

I had a fork bull stare me down at maybe 5-7 yards one year. I could hear the snot-bubbles pop and he could hear my heartbeat amplified through my bowstring because my pulse was slamming into my wrist so hard.

Great day.

From: JTV

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Elk attacks woman in Park ....

From: Jaquomo
I've watched them lick Nose Jammer. My hunting partner had a cow elk come up behind him and tug the hoodie on his camo jacket when he was sitting beside a trail. I've twice had elk sniff the end of my arrow. They are curious creatures.

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