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A new way to study shot placement.
Whitetail Deer
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Scrappy 28-Sep-19
Scooby-doo 28-Sep-19
JTV 28-Sep-19
Franklin 28-Sep-19
Paul@thefort 28-Sep-19
SaltyB 28-Sep-19
BigOk 28-Sep-19
From: Scrappy

Scrappy's embedded Photo
Scrappy's embedded Photo
I know someone on bowsite has done this.

From: Scooby-doo
I have with my grandchildren and my own kids. No better way to show them shot placement than on the real thing. Shawn

From: JTV
when myself and girlfriend went to the Brookfield Zoo a few years back, she asked what are you staring at (Elk), I said "shot placement, Ive been doing that on all the animals here" ... she just shook her head ...

From: Franklin
Ok....something about that is just A petting zoo!

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
I do that when I see a moo cow in the field.

From: SaltyB
I actually showed my daughter on my dog. Same organs on the same spots. My wife was not amused.

From: BigOk
I am with Paul, my daughter and i pick spots on the cattle and horses when they walk by us.

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