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Elk lick hunters bow
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Huntcell 28-Sep-19
JohnMC 28-Sep-19
SixLomaz 28-Sep-19
ahunter76 28-Sep-19
WV Mountaineer 28-Sep-19
lewis 28-Sep-19
Dale06 28-Sep-19
jstephens61 28-Sep-19
4blade 28-Sep-19
westslope 29-Sep-19
Newmrc 29-Sep-19
drycreek 29-Sep-19
Bowboy 29-Sep-19
Stew75 29-Sep-19
Matt 30-Sep-19
From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
As close as it gets!

From: JohnMC
That was cool

From: SixLomaz
Now the hunter is totally elk-ed in. Scent cover and all. Awesome encounter.

From: ahunter76
this happened to a friend of mine. He put his hand out & the calf put his nose into it & then walked away with mom.

Very Cool.

From: lewis
Extremely cool thanks for sharing Lewis

From: Dale06
Amazing. Thanks for sharing

From: jstephens61
Now my wife wonders why elk hunting is so tough.

From: 4blade
I've had a calf walk up to me one time and stuck their face right in mine while I was down on my knees in the sage, prolly a foot away. The eye to eye contact startled it I think but it only ran off about 15 feet to get a drink.

From: westslope
I had a very similar experience this season on opening day. Sitting above a herd of elk in an aspen grove with a bull bugling. While waiting for a good view of the bull a few cows started to feed up the hill towards me. A large mature cow pops out about 30 yards to my left and starts walking towards me. She walks right up to me and starts sniffing my head and neck, literally touching me with her nose! I thought she was going to bite me with a test nibble so I moved my head to bump her nose which caused her to jump away. Very cool experience.

From: Newmrc
Cool video. Thanks for posting.

From: drycreek
My son had a close encounter with a whitetail spike similar to that. He was hunting in one of my homemade ground blinds. Since it was warm, he had the door partially open. He heard a deer behind him and swiveled around to see the spike stick his head into the opening. The deer pulled back, stood there a second, then stuck his head into the blind again. My son didn’t move and after a lot of close range sniffing, the deer walked away. My son said all he could think of was what would happen if the buck came into the blind and THEN got scared !

From: Bowboy
He must not of eaten chili mac the night before:)

From: Stew75
Very cool.

Few years back I was calling for a bud. We had a few cows and a bull off to our left. For some reason my buddy laid down? As this is going on a nice bull comes in from right to left. Ends up standing right next to him and he is fired up. Throws out a bugel and starts peeing all over the place and all over my bud. I lost it laughing, gave my bud props for staying still and taking it.

From: Matt
I had a NM cow elk walk up behind me, push her nose into small of my back and sniff twice.

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