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elk assasin 28-Sep-19
drycreek 28-Sep-19
Dale06 28-Sep-19
DoorKnob 28-Sep-19
BullBuster 29-Sep-19
Shawn 30-Sep-19
From: elk assasin
I am looking for information on any deer supplement blocks that the deer will go after. To date all of the blocks that I have tried last forever, the deer just don't go after them. I do hunt in the Midwest and have the usual Ag crops nearby.

From: drycreek

drycreek's embedded Photo
drycreek's embedded Photo
I use trace mineral blocks from the feed store. The hard, red blocks. My deer lick on them, lick the ground around them, and one usually lasts about six months. I don’t know what they do for the deer, but I get tons of pics and vids on them. I wish I knew how to post a vid, but here’s a pic.

From: Dale06
My experience with mineral/salt blocks is that deer hit them hard from spring till late August. Then they pretty much ignore them. I’m guessing that their bodies need the minerals in their summer diet when they are nursing babies and growing racks.

From: DoorKnob
In stead of trace get the half P and Half Ca [ called 1:1 or 14:14 ] with trace other stuff. What do you think antlers are made of anyway? not salt

From: BullBuster
I agree that they really decrease use in September. The switch to woody browse in my area is the primary reason. Less salt requirement.

From: Shawn
Don't know why anyone would use them. EHD,CWD easy to spread at a block site! Shawn

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