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New Mexico Unit 16 Deer hunt in January
Whitetail Deer
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Shirl 29-Sep-19
lamb 29-Sep-19
Shirl 30-Sep-19
HDE 30-Sep-19
wheels 30-Sep-19
From: Shirl
Hi, so I am new to bow hunting-actually to hunting in general. As a single Mom I worked way too much when my kids were young-took up bow hunting as a way to spend some quality time with my Son. This will be my 2nd hunt. I drew unit 16-which means I can hunt all of unit 16-A, B, C, D, E for any antlered deer in January-Mule or Whitetail. I am hoping for advise as to what area in unit 16 would be my best bet for a successful deer hunt-I don't expect honey hole info, only hoping for advice on a good area to hunt as unit 16 is a large area & I won't have much time to scout-I still have to work, and it's a drive from ABQ to get out there as much as I would like. Thank you for your consideration and hunting tips you may share would be greatly appreciated.

From: lamb
go to new mexico forum. somebody there will help i'm sure

From: Shirl
Hi Lamb, I did post on the NM forum as well-no response-some guys/gals hold their hunting info close. Thank you for responding.

From: HDE
It might take a few days for someone on the NM forum to respond, be patient.

From: wheels
Pm sent

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