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Elk Hunting "Short Story"
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From: Paleface
I was hoping that someone with a better memory than me might be able to help track down a magazine short story from a couple years back. Unfortunately, I can't remember the title of the story or even the publication that it was in. I thought it was Bugle (but I can't find it in the archives). Maybe it was published in Extreme Elk or Elk Hunter Magazine.

The story was about an aging hunter who realizes that he's succumbing to Alzheimer's disease and decides to go out for one final elk hunt instead of retiring to the nursing home. I thought it was titled "One More Hunt" (but can't be certain). I know it's a slim chance but thought that I'd give it a try here. Thanks for the help!

From: midwest
Horrible disease. My oldest brother is in the early stages. I would like to read it if someone ends up finding a link.

From: GF
Is that the one where the hunt took place in a town called Arsole?

I think that one ran in Bugle at least 20 years ago.

From: Paleface
GF, I don't think so -- I would guess that it was published 4-5 years ago. I was almost certain that it was in Bugle but I can't find it there. If I remember right, the hunter takes his favorite rifle and a bottle of wine out on the hunt -- knowing full well that he won't return. The story ends with him sitting against a tree, the snow blowing in and the hunter embracing the cold.

From: Franklin
I thought you were referring to my elk hunt. I went....didn`t see jack...end of story.

From: RK
"Just one more hunt"

Field and Stream August 2007

That might be the one Do a search on that

From: Paleface
RK, That's a good story but not the one that I had in mind. Thank you for looking. I'm still searching ... maybe it was in American Hunter magazine. Sorry that I don't remember more details about the story. I'll find it... eventually!

From: TrapperKayak
I either saw that in Bugle or American Hunter. I'll see if I can find it later. Closet check...

From: yooper89
I hope you find it and can post it on here. I'd love to read it.

From: SlipShot
It was in bugle. one of my favorite stories!

From: Paleface
SlipShot, PM sent.

From: Inshart
I vaguely remember reading it also, it was either in Bugle or bow hunter - only 2 mags I get. I have no idea when tho????

From: Treeline
Sounds like a good one! May look for it myself!

From: Paleface
Inshart, I don't get Bow Hunter. I'm pretty sure that it was either in Bugle or American Hunter. My best guess is that it was published @ 4 years ago. I'm still looking too, thanks for the help.

From: Paleface
Thought I'd refresh this thread and see if anyone can help me find this story. Still no luck on my end.

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