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Harassed by a bull moose when I bugled.
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From: huntnfish808

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I was hunting for Elk this past week and instead of a bull elk coming in, a bull moose came in and tried to push me around. Either I’m so good the moose thinks I’m an elk or I’m so bad the moose thinks I’m a moose.

From: GF
Maybe he identifies as a “Stag”??

From: Vonfoust
Gonna give Jaq PTSD

From: 12yards
Dang! That is some beautiful country you're hunting!

From: Jaquomo
He was just curious. Wait until you have one REALLY come after you....

From: Brotsky
Lou that cow had obviously seen your x-rays. Only explanation for her keen interest in you.

Lol brotsky

From: Jaquomo
I've had two moose bulls come after me during the rut when elk hunting. One this year that was guarding a cow. When they roll their eyes back and put their ears back and start coming, it's time to get to a hiding place, fast. I believe it was Ron Niziolek who was run over by a bull while elk hunting and hurt his leg pretty badly.

Bears don't scare me. I carry "moose spray" now.....

From: TrapperKayak
Beautiful country looks like the Paradise Valley from the little I can see.

From: drycreek
The moose is obviously racist and doesn’t want any elk in the hood coming on to his ladies.....

From: Zeke121
At 1:13 it appears he is just looking out and enjoying that beautiful view.

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