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Crispi Laponia vs Crossover
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Sivart 01-Oct-19
Jaquomo 01-Oct-19
RIDGEMAN 05-Oct-19
Franklin 05-Oct-19
From: Sivart
Has anyone had a chance to try either one of these boots? I'm trying to find a good elk hunting boot that won't give me heel blisters. Have long, narrow, girly feet

From: Jaquomo
I have those feet too. Bought a pair of Crispi Thor's before the season. Best elk hunting boot I've ever used ( and I've worn a LOT of different boots). Wore them for 5 long hikes before season and for 22 days of hunting. They fit me like a custom boot.

Both my brother (230 lbs) and I (180 lbs) had new Crispi Laponia's. 20 days and many miles in high Wyo Big Horns. Lots of wet and cold days with a few snow days. Great boot! Light, never leaked, very little break in time. My best buy for 2019.

From: Franklin
The Laponia has been on back order for quite some time, I don`t know when they will be back in stock. It`s supposedly the "lightest boot" in it`s class.

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