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SouthGa thick hardwood creek bottom
Whitetail Deer
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From: Hunter H
I’ve been hunting about 20 acres of thick hardwood with a small portion of pines. There is a creek that runs through it with some nice deer Moving in the bottom. Only problem is every time o go in I get busted...swirling winds in the bottom. The creek runs SW to NE. There are no real good openings and no hills to set up on. Looking for some advice on how to hunt it or am I just going to have to get lucky? I have a camera set up on a creek crossing with does and bucks moving through. I want to hunt it but scared to go in there and push them all out. Any advice would be appreciated

Wait for a low pressure system and set up accordingly.

Majority of the info here is to get up higher where they goin to or coming from. If u cant do that, wait til the rut and give it heck....

From: longbeard
Or you could get in really early on a day with a stiff breeze from one direction. Get in early so the area has plenty of time to settle down before daylight. Keep the breeze or wind in your face. Don’t mess with the area on a no wind or slight wind day

From: Candor
cold with a steady breeze that starts early. Late afternoon sits are tough in that condition because the wind generally lays down before dark.

I have places that are similar. I see lots of deer there, but getting a shot is not going to happen on something I want to shoot generally. You do more harm than good giving into the temptation of hunting it without a steady wind. Worst thing about the southeast is our variable wind. It whirls around 10 different directions every hour.

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