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Ontario moose hunting regs question
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yooper89 02-Oct-19
spike buck 02-Oct-19
yooper89 03-Oct-19
From: yooper89
Posted this in the Ontario forum as well but hoping someone can help me out.

From: yooper8902-Oct-19Private Reply EDIT Hey guys my cousin is currently on a moose hunt outside of Wawa/Hawk Junction. So far they haven’t seen anything but stumbled upon a bull that looks like it was either sick or killed by another bull. From the pics I’ve seen it’s pretty well decomposed at this point but the antlers are flawless. If he doesn’t tag out, is he allowed to take the skull home and punch his tag on it? The owner of the outfit is unsure about the regs on something like this as he’s somewhat new to Ontario hunting. My only thought was punching a tag without any meat (wanton waste) might raise some red flags, but figured if he had enough photographic documentation, he might be okay. He’d be transporting it back to Michigan if that helps/changes anything.

His last day to hunt is tomorrow so he’s pressed for time and answers.

Thanks fellas

From: spike buck
Punching your tag to put on the moose is illegal. End up have to answer more questions as where is the rest of the Moose... ie: did you waste meat. He can cut off the Skull cap and take it to the local OMNRF office in the area. He would need an export permit for the rack and skull cap. You will also have to get a permit for possession. ie: all road kills have to be registered on line. Cannot do it ( possession permit) in person at OMNRF office. You will most likely have to answer questions as to where and how you found it but should be able to keep it. If there is a bullet hole or arrow hole that's a different story...… actually, after I read my post, sounds like more trouble than its worth!!!

From: yooper89
Thanks spike

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