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Franklin 03-Oct-19
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From: 8point
I was shooting my bow up at our property a few days ago, when the neighbor lad and his baby boy came over to say hi. He was interested in my bow and after looking it all over, thought he would like to try it. Since he had the baby with him, we decided another time would be better. I visited a couple of days later, and lo and behold, he told me he had purchased a bow just like mine on line along with a dozen 30" arrows a hard case, target and release just like mine. Whoa... kinda caught me off guard. His wife was almost as excited as he was and said she wished at some time she could try archery. Well, I'm taking him to the local pro shop to get the bow set up and arrows trimmed to 28" . I explained to the wife that if he got good with the new bow, he might just decide to kick it up a notch, and she could take over his bow. Sure wish he had discussed it with me first, but hey, he's invested now, so I'll see if I can get him into hunting next year. Wish me luck.

From: elkmtngear
Very cool. The more, the merrier...good luck, hope he is like a fish to water!

From: Supernaut
Good stuff!

From: T Mac
I love mentoring guys who have the passion the fire is lit fuel it!

From: Franklin
If he starts dressing like you and buys the same vehicle as you, be afraid....very afraid.

Good job man,just keep their learning curve thing you know,,he'll have a lone wolf on your property line.....facing his way ,of course....jk...

From: Scar Finga
That's awesome man! Great all the way around, very well done! It's great to be a mentor and a good example, keep up the good work!

From: WapitiBob
Thanks for helping them out.

From: The rookie
Man that’s awesome. Never know where they may take archery and hunting. They could pass hunting down for many generations. Thank you for taking a little time to help em along.

From: Boris
If he will be hunting from a treestand, remember a safety harness..

From: t-roy
Awesome! Good on you, 8point!

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